Harley Quinn Episode 2.05 Clip Targets Toxic Fanboys

Birds of Prey wasn’t exactly Harley Quinn’s finest hour, but some of that backlash has spilled over towards DC Universe’s Harley Quinn as well. Although this series was animated well before Birds of Prey flew the coup, Harley Quinn episode 2.05 is biting back. Entertainment Weekly debuted a new clip that apparently introduces the latest episode. In this scene, a guy in a “Release the Snyder Cut” T-shirt rails against Harley Quinn while speaking to his friend, who has a T-shirt that says “The Last Jedi is not canon.”

This is one of the rare occasions where DC and Warner Bros. have acknowledged the movement to release Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut. Regardless of whether the Snyder cut actually exists, Synder’s followers have often overpowered several unrelated social media posts. Let’s just say that it can get pretty ugly out there, but the fan factions still seem to be invested in DC. That’s why it’s also fitting that this fan outwardly hates the Harley Quinn animated series. And yet he’s pretty up-to-date with the story developments. However, his description of Harley Quinn’s triumphs over Penguin, Riddler, and Mister Freeze with her “Mary Sue powers” isn’t exactly accurate. She did kill Penguin, but Barbara Gordon stopped Riddler, and Mister Freeze sacrificed himself to save his wife, Nora.

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Additionally, the segment fully embraces its meta moment by bringing up Batman’s absence from five seasons of Gotham. There’s even a description of the new Harley Quinn episode, which promises that neither Harley nor Poison Ivy will appear. Instead, the episode will focus on Bruce Wayne, who has awakened from his coma. But with Gotham City in ruins, can the Dark Knight rise as Batman again?

Harley Quinn episode 2.05 will premiere on DC Universe on Friday, May 1.

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