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Amazon Collects The Boys’ Best Comebacks in a New Video

Aside from its off-beat take on superheroes, The Boys stands out thanks to its characters’ razor-sharp, profanity-laden dialogue. The series’ writers room faced the difficult task in staying true to the uncouth spirit of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s original comic series while also producing something in their own collective voice. But they pulled it off. For proof of this, Amazon has compiled an assortment of the first season’s most memorable soundbites. You can check it out via The BoysTwitter account below.

The video collects five minutes’ worth of trenchant comebacks and one-liners. Among the highlights are Hughie’s first impression of Butcher (“You look like you’re starring in a porn version of The Matrix”) and Butcher’s “unique” take on religion. In fact, Bucher is arguably the MVP of this latest montage. Like his comic book counterpart, Butcher demonstrates his inclination toward violence with unabashed glee.

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We’re also treated to a few soundbites from members of The Seven. The Homelander’s sadism on full display here, as he frequently reminds people how he’s the world’s greatest superhero who can do as he pleases. This is balanced out by more tender moments between Queen Maeve and Starlight.

The Boys second season will hit Amazon Prime later this year.

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