The Boys Showrunner Eric Kripke Reveals the First Look at Aya Cash’s Stormfront

Any fan of The Boys‘ acclaimed first season knows that the series’ producers made some significant tweaks to Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic book. Even more changes are coming in season 2, including the show’s gender-flipped update of Stormfront. Entertainment Weekly has shared the first look at Aya Cash’s new character in costume. You can check it out for yourself via a tweet from showrunner Eric Kripke below.

In the comics, Stormfront was a male hero, visually inspired by the likes of Shazam and Thor. He also happened to be a not-so-secret Nazi, originally developed by the Third Reich before getting drafted to join Vought’s growing roster of superheroes. This version of Stormfront was a member of the superhero team Payback. However, it sounds like the TV series is re-imagining Stormfront as the newest member of the Seven. There, she’ll make trouble for the team’s leader: Antony Starr’s sociopathic Homelander.

“She’s the grenade that gets thrown into Homelander’s world and the world of the Seven,” teased Starr. “She really causes me so many problems.”

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“Problematic” has to be the understatement of the year when it comes to Stormfront. The character’s dialogue in the comics was almost always in German, and a quick translation would reveal off-color remarks about minority races. Cash’s costume suggests the TV series will indeed retain this aspect of the “hero’s” personality. Although her metal armbands are embossed with the American flag, her belt buckle displays a swastika-less version of the Nazi Eagle.

“I think Stormfront is like a nuclear bomb that goes off in the Seven,” said Cash. “Maybe nuclear bomb isn’t the right word. We’re in Chernobyl. There you go. It’s a Chernobyl thing.”

“I think she’s here to blow up Vought,” continued Cash. “She’s here to try to get Vought back to the original idea behind creating superheroes… And she can be quite the feminist. There’s a lot of, I wouldn’t say misdirect, but she also is a very empowered woman.”

The Boys will premiere its second season on Amazon Prime this summer.

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