It’s Time Everyone Woke Up in Westworld Episode 3.05 Promo

HBO has released a brand new promo for the next episode of Westworld Season 3. In the latest episode, fans discovered that before her breakout in the real world, Dolores made several host copies of herself. And now the many copies of Dolores — for now, the ones placed in Charlotte, Martin, and Sato — are fighting back against Serac. Plus, the Man in Black returned, filled with remorse about what happened to his daughter Emily. But right before the end of the episode Charlotte/Dolores managed to commit him to a mental institution.

From the freshly released promo, it seems like Serac will fight back and try to stop the many copies of Dolores. The owner of Rehoboam is trying to build a new world where events like the nuclear destruction of Paris won’t happen ever again and he won’t stop in front of nothing to reach his goal. It also seems like Bernard will try to get inside the mind of Caleb in the attempt to undermine Dolores’s influence on him.

You can check the new Westworld Episode 3.05 promo in the player below.

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Newcomers for the series include Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Lena Waithe (Ready Player One), with NFL player Marshawn Lynch, and Vincent Cassel (Eastern Promises). They join Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth, Talulah Riley as well as Rodrigo Santoro and Sir Anthony Hopkins in the series.

A dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the birth of a new form of life on Earth, the Emmy-winning Westworld was created by Jonathan Nolan together with Lisa Joy.

Westworld Episode 3.05 will air on April 12. What do you think about Westworld Season 3 so far? Do you think that someone will manage to stop Dolores? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.