The Justice League Arrives In Harley Quinn 1.12 Promo

So, Harley Quinn and her crew have made a bit of a mistake. After successfully rescuing Poison Ivy from Scarecrow, they chased Batman’s 7th best nemesis down the Harley Quinn Highway. Did we mention that Team Harley was literally driving in a transformed Sy Borgman? However, it wasn’t enough. Harley blew up her own highway statue to crash Scarecrow’s truck. Unfortunately, the toxin hit Gotham’s water supply and transformed plants into viscous killers.

In DC Universe’s promo for Harley Quinn 1.12, Harley and her crew face certain doom before the “Jerk-off League” arrives. Until now, Team Harley was largely under the Justice League’s radar. And despite Harley’s assurances that she and her pals can handle the crisis, it’s far more likely that the League will blame her.

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Additionally, the trailer reveals that Ivy will become a giant to fight the evil trees. Ivy’s boyfriend, Kite-Man, seems to be particularly happy about that. Harley also seems to be pretty happy to see her best friend towering above her. But will it be enough to save the city and keep the Justice League from taking them in?

Harley Quinn 1.12 will hit DC Universe on Friday, February 14.

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