Watchmen Season Finale Will Run 67 Minutes

This Sunday, HBO’s Watchmen series will reach the end of its first season. But viewers may want to set aside a little extra time to take it all in.

HBO has revealed that Watchmen‘s season finale, “See How They Fly,” will run a total of 67 minutes in length. That’s a bit longer than any of the previous episodes that have aired. Most of the other episodes have run anywhere between 52 and 61 minutes.

Showrunner Damon Lindelof has previously explained that Watchmen is a self-contained story. That means the season finale could also be a series finale.

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“One of the things that makes the original perfect is that those twelve issues were well thought out,’ said Lindelof via CBR. “There was a beginning, middle and end planned out. We had to do the same thing…plotted these nine episodes with every mystery and question being resolved. We didn’t want this season to end with a [cliffhanger]. Our job was to deliver nine episodes that delivered a complete story.”

Regardless of  that, Lindelof isn’t entirely closing the door on a second season.

“We want to see how it’s received by you guys,” said Lindelof. “If the show comes out and the conversation seems to suggest you’re hungry for more, we’ll take that into consideration.”

The Watchmen season finale will hit HBO on Sunday, December 15.

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