The End is Nigh in Watchmen’s Season Finale Promo

Over three decades ago, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ iconic comic book, Watchmen, changed the game for superheroes. HBO’s Watchmen may also be a game changer, because it has crafted its own compelling narrative without simply repeating Moore and Gibbons or the Watchmen movie. Instead, an entirely different story has unfolded around Sister Night a.k.a. Angela Abar. She may be the most important person in the world, because only Angela stands a chance of preventing the Seventh Kalvary from stealing Doctor Manhattan’s powers.

HBO has released the trailer for the season finale of the Watchmen, which features both Doctor Manhattan and his ex, Laurie Blake, as captives of the Kalvary. Additionally, Senator Joe Keene Jr. appears to be ready to receive the stolen powers.

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There may be at least three wildcards in play. Although he hasn’t appeared in a few episodes, Looking Glass apparently survived the attempt on his life. Adrian Veidt is also overdue to return to Earth, and Lady Trieu has promised that she’s going to save humanity. Now would be a good time to prove it!

Watchmen‘s season finale will hit HBO on Sunday, December 15.

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