Watchmen Season 1 Episode 8 – What Did You Think?!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Watchmen‘s penultimate season 1 episode explored a few twisty time paradoxes. First and foremost, it showed viewers how Angela Abar became the most important woman in Doctor Manhattan’s life. He also saw that their ten years together would end in tragedy and yet they still went through with it. For Angela’s sake, Doctor Manhattan tried to live like a human again. Fortunately, he had an old frenemy who had already worked out how to do it decades earlier.

Angela also believed that Doctor Manhattan/Jon/Cal never had the “moment” when he fell in love with her. However, it finally happened near the end as Jon told Angela that he couldn’t be saved, and yet she tried to save him anyway. That’s the moment that won his heart. It just wasn’t enough to change destiny.

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Meanwhile, Jon was also revealed to be the creator of Adrian Veidt’s prison on Europa. Adrian believed Europa was a paradise where he could finally be adored. Instead, it became his living Hell. But in the post-credits scene, Adrian may have finally found a way to escape.

Back on Earth, Angela has much bigger problems than Adrian. The Seventh Kalvary’s insane scheme to steal Jon’s powers is underway. And we still don’t know what Lady Trieu’s ultimate plan is. But in the end, Angela may have inadvertently set the entire thing in motion by relaying questions to the past that influenced her grandfather, Will Reeves. Now, there’s just one episode left to wrap everything up.

The Watchmen season 1 finale will hit HBO on Sunday, December 15.

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