Angela Tries To Save Her Family In Watchmen Season 1 Episode 8 Promo

WARNING: There are massive spoilers ahead for last night’s episode of Watchmen!

There is no life on Mars, because Doctor Manhattan isn’t actually living there. Instead, Watchmen episode 7 revealed that Doctor Manhattan has been back on Earth for years. Doctor Manhattan altered his own memory so he didn’t know that he wasn’t simply a man named Cal Abar. However, Angela Abar knew his secret the entire time. And she literally bashed his skull in order to re-awaken Cal’s dormant memories before it’s too late.

HBO has released the trailer for next week’s Watchmen, which depicts the first meeting of Doctor Manhattan and Angela. Apparently, Doctor Manhattan has always loved Angela, because of the non-linear way he experiences time. This sequence appears to take place in Vietnam, where both Cal and Angela have previously said that they met.

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Additionally, the scenes in the present feature an ominous message from Cal: “This is the moment. I just told you that you can’t save me. And you’re going to try to anyway.” The Seventh Kalvary wants Doctor Manhattan so they can steal his powers. And if Cal has truly reduced his power level to live as a normal man, then he might really be in jeopardy of losing his gifts and his life.

Watchmen season 1 episode 8 will hit HBO on Sunday, December 8.

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