Watchmen Season 1 Episode 7 – What Did You Think?!

So…that happened.

Watchmen has been teasing the re-introduction of Doctor Manhattan since in the first episode. And while we were wondering who would play Doctor Manhattan, he’s been under our nose the entire time. The seventh episode of Watchmen revealed that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Cal Abar, the husband of Angela Abar, is the man formerly known as Jon Osterman. Unfortunately, that secret has been out for a while. The Seventh Kalvary know that Cal is Doctor Manhattan, and they want to steal his god-like powers. Additionally, the enigmatic Lady Trieu knows the truth as well. But whether she will actually help save Cal/Jon and humanity remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Adrian Veidt a.k.a. Ozymandias may be in some serious trouble on Europa. If Veidt’s plan was to get Doctor Manhattan to save him then he clearly didn’t account for Cal and Angela’s relationship. They also have much bigger problems than dealing with the madman who literally changed the world.

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The fallout of this Doctor Manhattan revelation is bound to be immense. It also oddly explains why Laurie Blake felt so drawn to Cal. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, Laurie was Jon’s last great lover and his only real human connection. Now, Laurie’s incredibly bitter about her past as a superhero. She’s also currently a prisoner of the Seventh Kalvary because she doesn’t know a trap when she sees one.

Watchmen airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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