Watchmen Season 1 Episode 6 – What Did You Think?!

The first episode of  Watchmen introduced viewers to Will Reeves as both a young boy and as a 105 year-old man. Until now, Will has been an enigmatic part of the show’s narrative. But thanks to last night’s episode, we now know that Will is tied to the origin of superheroes in this world. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons may have had something else in mind for Hooded Justice in the Watchmen comic. However, the show’s dramatic choice has re-contextualized everything we thought we knew.

Angela Abar experienced everything through Will’s eyes thanks to the Nostalgia pills she swallowed in last week’s episode. This was also Will’s plan all along. He wanted his granddaughter to know where she came from. Angela followed him into the family business even when she didn’t know there was a family business. But that doesn’t mean that Will’s intentions in the present are pure. Far from it…

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Additionally, the episode drew more parallels between Will’s history and Superman’s origin. It also explored the roots of Will’s anger towards everything that failed him in society. But ultimately, Will failed himself when he turned his anger towards his family. That’s why Angela never knew her grandfather. It may also be why Will is in league with whatever Lady Trieu has planned for Tulsa.  Only three episodes remain in the season, but the pieces are falling into place.

Watchmen airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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