Titans’ Alan Ritchson Was Almost Aquaman in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Currently, Alan Ritchson is part of Titans’ main cast as Hank Hall, a.k.a. Hawk. But 14 years ago, he entered the DC Universe in a different capacity. One of Ritchson’s first acting jobs came in 2005 when he guest-starred on an episode of Smallville as Arthur Curry, the half-Atlantean who would eventually adopt the mantle of Aquaman. Ritchson appeared in three more episodes of the series before it ended in 2011. And apparently, The CW expressed an interest in having him revisit the character for Crisis on Infinite Earths.

While speaking with Collider, Ritchson confirmed that the network did contact him about appearing in the crossover. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts with Titans forced him to turn down their offer.

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“They did reach out to me,” said Ritchson. “We tried to work it out. We were shooting and it was a very difficult schedule for us. We were shooting three episodes at once all the time. I would have had to leave the country and come back in to get a permit specifically for that show. I did want to participate. We tried to work it out. I’m happy that everybody is getting to come back. I’m especially happy for the fans. That’s why we do this. Those shows are like a bonanza for the fans. I wish I could have been a part of it.”

The role of Aquaman may belong to Jason Momoa now. However, Ritchson was the first actor to play the hero in live action. He also provided Arthur Curry’s voice in the 2008 animated film Justice League: The New Frontier. Although Ritchson won’t be joining Crisis, The CW was still able to secure a big Smallville reunion in the form of Tom Welling and Erica Durance as Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

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