Captain Pike Returns In New Star Trek: Short Treks Trailer

The second season of Star Trek: Short Treks  has been very Enterprise centric. After joining Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season, Anson Mount reprised his role as Captain Christopher Pike in the first two episodes of Short Treks‘ second season. He will return for the third episode, “Ask Not,” on November 14 as the focal point of the story. In a newly released trailer for “Ask Not,” Pike is apparently imprisoned by Starfleet and removed from command.

The trailer also introduces Amrit Kaur’s Thira Sidhu, a young officer who has Pike in her custody during an emergency. Pike orders Sidhu to let him go, but she refuses to follow his orders. However, he threatens Sidhu’s future by claiming that she will never set foot in a starship again unless she releases him.

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It’s unclear where this story takes place in Pike’s timeline. Discovery season 2 also gave Pike a glimpse of his unpleasant future.  Assuming the original Star Trek history is still in place, Pike is destined to be crippled. Regardless, there may still be a happy ending for Pike. Star Trek fans have also expressed their desire to see more of Pike and the original Enterprise crew.

Star Trek: Short Treks season 2 episode 3 will premiere on November 14. There will be three additional Short Treks episodes in December and January.

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