Star Trek: Picard’s Second Trailer Goes Back Into the Cold

Ten years ago, the Star Trek reboot movie depicted the destruction of Romulus in the prime timeline. Next year, Star Trek: Picard will explore the fallout of that event on Jean-Luc Picard himself. In the aftermath of Romulus’ fall, Picard left Starfleet behind. But in the latest trailer for Star Trek: Picard, the former captain is ready to go “back into the cold.”

While this series is not specifically a sequel to Star Trek: The Next Generation, there are a few familiar faces in this new trailer. Data shows up again during one of Picard’s dreams. But the bigger return belongs to Will Riker and his wife, Deanna Troi. Apparently, the Rikers also left Starfleet behind to start a family of their own. However, Riker knows better than to try to talk Picard out of his latest mission.

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Some fans may find it humorous that Picard calls his dog “Number one,” but it’s just another way to show how much Riker meant to Picard. The trailer also heavily hints at the Borg’s importance to the new storyline. Seven of Nine has seemingly reinvented herself since Star Trek: Voyager. But there’s one young woman in particular who holds the key to something that’s important enough to draw Picard out of his self-imposed isolation.

Star Trek: Picard will hit CBS All Access on January 23, 2020.

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