Batwoman Series Casts Two Classic Batman Villains

There’s less than a week to go until Batwoman premieres on The CW and Kate Kane begins her war on Alice’s Wonderland Gang. But apparently, Kate will have more than just these Lewis Carroll-inspired crooks to deal with during the show’s first season. TVLine has confirmed the upcoming appearances of two familiar Batman rogues.

Gabriel Mann will recur on the series as Thomas “Tommy” Elliot, who comic fans will recognize as the alter-ego of Hush. Tommy was a childhood friend of Kate’s cousin, Bruce Wayne. Although he had a falling out with Bruce, Tommy went on to become a successful surgeon as an adult. However, Batwoman is changing his backstory by making him “a real estate mogul boasting easy charm and a friendly smile.” Mann, who previously starred on ABC’s Revenge, will make his first appearance in episode 3.

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Rachel Matthews will also show up on the series beginning with the fourth episode. Matthews is perhaps most widely recognized for her role in the Happy Death Day films. She’ll play Magpie, a thief known for her love of shiny things, which fuels her criminal activities. Matthews will sport the character’s famous platinum blonde hairstyle. But unlike the comics, the producers are giving her a mask to conceal her identity. It also sounds like Matthews will portray Magpie as a Robin Hood-esque figure who “has bigger plans for those who take their wealth for granted.”

Batwoman debuts this Sunday, October 6 on The CW.

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