History Repeats Itself In Arrow Season 8 Extended Trailer

For seven seasons of Arrow, Oliver Queen has tried to save his city as the Green Arrow. However, the eighth and final season of Arrow will call upon Oliver to make an even bigger sacrifice. There’s a Crisis coming, and the Monitor has already predicted Oliver’s death in the conflict. However, Oliver still has hope in the new Arrow season 8 extended trailer. He’s also okay with dying if it means his family survives.

The trailer does raise some intriguing questions about when and where Oliver is. Tommy Merlyn, is briefly glimpsed as he is seemingly among the living, and Oliver comes face-to-face with his mother, Moira. Additionally, it appears that Oliver will also reunite with some of his familiar foes. Most of the remaining members of Team Arrow are also present, including Thea Queen.

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Additionally, the trailer touches upon the Star City 2040 era, where Oliver’s daughter, Mia, has taken up the family business. Charlie Barnett also makes his debut as John Diggle Jr., the leader of the Deathstroke gang. Judging by all of the Deathstroke masks, it looks like John Jr. is coming after his father’s extended family. That may play into the backdoor pilot for a spinoff series starring Mia, as well as Black Canary and Black Siren.

Arrow season 8 will hit The CW on October 15.

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