Willa Holland Returns For Arrow Season 8

After leaving Arrow in its sixth season, Willa Holland is coming home to Star City. According to TVLine, Holland has closed a deal to recur on the eighth and final season of Arrow. That means she’ll be appearing in multiple episodes, as opposed to her tiny cameo in season 7.

Holland’s character, Thea Queen, was created for Arrow. While her wealth and privilege led Thea astray, she was ultimately drawn into Oliver Queen’s crusade after the murder of their mother, Moira. Thea’s father, Malcolm Merlyn, took her under his wing and trained her to fight. She ultimately joined Oliver’s Green Arrow in battle as Speedy, a codename that was inspired by her childhood nickname.

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During the fifth season of Arrow, Holland gradually reduced her appearances on the show. But it wasn’t until the sixth season that Thea was written off the series. Thea was reunited with her lover, Roy Harper, and they went on a global quest to destroy the remaining Lazarus Pits. However, Arrow season 7 revealed that Roy and Thea had parted ways after Thea used a Lazarus Pit to resurrect him.

Given that Colton Haynes was not invited back as a series regular, Roy and Thea may not get an onscreen reunion. But there is also the chance that Haynes could make a guest appearance before the end.

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