Colton Haynes Says He Wasn’t Asked Back For Arrow Season 8

Last season on Arrow, Colton Haynes reprised his role as Roy Harper/Arsenal as a series regular. However, that wasn’t a guarantee that Haynes would stick around for the eighth season. Now, Haynes has confirmed that he wasn’t asked to return for Arrow‘s final season.

Via TVLine, Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz said “we hope to have [Haynes] back” during the TCA Press Tour. Haynes’ comments also seem to leave the door open for his return. He joined Arrow late in its first season, and was a series regular for seasons 2 and 3. Even after his departure, Haynes made guest appearances in seasons 4 and 6 before taking a larger role in season 7.

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Roy’s return in season 7 was largely confined to the 2040 flash forwards. William Clayton, Oliver Queen’s son, found Roy hiding out alone on Lian Yu. Together, they returned to Star City and formed a new Team Arrow with William’s sister, Mia, as well as Connor Hawke, Zoe Ramirez, and future versions of Felicity Smoak and Dinah Drake. After saving the city, the older heroes, including Roy, passed the torch to the new generation.

In the present, Roy briefly rejoined Team Arrow before killing two innocent police officers in an uncontrollable fit of rage. Oliver deduced that Roy had been killed and resurrected by the Lazarus Pit; which accounted for his homicidal urges. However, Roy’s fate after the seventh season finale remains up in the air.

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