Titans season 2 episode 1 recap

Titans Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

It’s been a successful first year for DC Universe. Outside of the Swamp Thing’s troublesome demise, the service consistently churned out a worthy content slate. And what better way to celebrate a birthday than the return of the series that started it all: Titans. Season two got underway exactly where it left off, positioning a Trigon-controlled Dick against a beleaguered Rachel. Things only got worse from there as each member of Dick’s crew fell to their own inner darkness. Only Rachel stood as an obstacle to her father’s full manifestation. But a broken heart can be one hell of a weapon.

Brothers & Sisters

Rachel stands powerless to her father’s whims. Trigon won’t relinquish Dick, going so far as to gaslight Rachel about who is to blame for Dick’s fall. He promises to break his daughter’s heart if she doesn’t join him. Rachel answers that by running away with Gar, though Dick isn’t far behind. The duo notices the rest of the team outside, now joined by Hank, Dawn and Jason after some Wayne Manor motorcycling. They use a secret door to evade Dick and try to find a way to get their friends past the forcefield. 

Trigon helps with that after noticing the heroes outside too. He opens a portal which the heroes quickly enter, hoping to keep Trigon from breaking Rachel’s heart and becoming fully powered. Instead of entering the home, each hero experiencing their own darkest thoughts. Kory reduces Rachel to ash. Jason shoots Dick dead with the same gun that killed Bruce’s parents. Donna kills the arsonist that murdered her father. Hank and Dawn relapse into heroin addiction. ALl stand in the living room under Trigon’s control when Rachel and Gar find them. The family is all here.

Genetics Is Destiny

Trigon’s new children beat Gar within an inch of his life as Rachel begs them to stop. Rachel tries to pull the real Dick out in order to stop them to no avail. Dick deals the last blow, chunking Gar into the wall by his throat. With Gar near death, Rachel begs her father to heal him again. He refuses, telling Rachel that his death is on her hands. Rachel is the bringer of death. With her heart effectively broken, Trigon physically rips it from her chest, forming it into a crystal that he deposits in her forehead. Rachel awakens under her father’s control. After getting rid of Rachel’s mom, Trigon exits into the world he wants to devour.

But all’s not lost yet. Gar slithers toward Rachel, taking her hand and pulling Rachel from the darkness. Her first act is to confront Dick in his dreams. She reveals her visions of the night Dick lost his family. Dick isn’t defined by what haunts him. She convinces him of this by recreating the Flying Graysons trapeze act, getting Dick to catch her while in free fall. They were meant to save each other. WIth Dick back, Rachel confronts her father, easily defeating and banishing him thanks to her now enhanced power. Trigon’s defeat frees all of the heroes and leaves the world bright for now.


The events convince Dick to give the Titans another chance at life. He takes Jason, Rachel and Gar with him, eventually setting up shop in the old Titans Tower in San Francisco after consulting Bruce. He asks Kory to join them, but she has her own stuff to figure out. The Titans are back.

But so is one of its most formidable foes. Slade Wilson, now living in seclusion, sees Jason on the news following the battle with Trigon. If the Titans are back, then Deathstroke must return as well. The old man is back in business.

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