Young Justice: Outsiders episode 24 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 24 Recap

Everyone had to know that last week’s monumental moment of lost hope couldn’t last forever. Especially as Young Justice: Outsiders winds toward its season finale. Nearly every member of the Justice League fell under Violet’s influence, succumbing to the Anti-Life Equation. Luckily, not all of Earth’s heroes made the trip. Gar and Vic lead the Outsiders as they assault Granny Goodness once again. But, unbeknownst to anyone, they might hold the key to defeating Darkseid’s geriatric general. Booyah!


Gar and Vic prepare the remaining Outsiders for an attack on a Goode Studios building. Vic uses his newfound electronic psychic powers to determine their target is Building 16. He senses Apokaliptan tech within, shocking the others. They better go in with a plan, though, because Granny is aware of the attack.

The group enter the building with ease, finding it empty until Vic uncovers a cloaked Apokaliptan structure. The group is suddenly cast into the X-Pit. Eduardo teleports in to save Jaime, but he can’t seem to teleport out. The heroes suffer while Granny places Gar in a protective cube and challenging him to a fight. Gar takes a beating as Vic psychically interfaces with Overlord. He embraces the new Vic and takes out the technological source of Granny’s power. The X-Pit subsides and the heroes capture her momentarily before she and Overlord teleport away.

Infinity Inc.

Lex Luthor monitors the actions of Infinity Inc., another team of meta-teens in the ilk of the Outsiders. But Killer Frost’s involvement in the team comes into question when it’s revealed that she has a Light inhibitor chip. The team’s social media popularity pulls even with that of the Outsiders. But that might not last when the world finds out who secretly runs the team: Lex Luthor.

Taste The Rainbow

Vic follows Granny via boom tube, ending up on The Orphanage just in time to see Granny’s two forms fuse back into one. He turns his focus to Violet, shooting off her visor. With Granny’s hold broken, Violet unleashes a rainbow aura that heals all influenced by the Anti-Life Equation. The collection of heroes capture Granny and destroy her weapon. Overlord finally dies as Dick delivers Vandal’s message. Granny teleports away again.

Back on Earth, Vic accepts an offer to join the Outsiders, choosing Cyborg as his codename. Granny arrives on Apokalips at the same time, informing Darkseid of Vandal’s actions.

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