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Weekend Watch – Exploring The Ending Of The Boys Season 1

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Warning: This article contains massive spoilers for season 1 of The Boys.

In this edition of Weekend Watch, we’re exploring the ending of Amazon’s The Boys, along with what we can expect from Season 2. First up, we’ll start things off with a duo of videos that explore the ending of the first season. After that, we’ll dig into a couple of opposing spoiler reviews, along with an Easter egg video for season one. Following this, we have a duo of interviews with the cast and filmmakers that tease the upcoming second season. Finally, we’ll close things out with a video that explores what the heck is exactly going on with Black Noir in the series.

The Boys Ending Scene Breakdown

Our first video, which comes via Emergency Awesome, breaks down the ending and post-credits scene from Season 1 of The Boys. Although this serves as more of a recap of the season’s events, the video serves as a nice recap of the Season 1 conclusion. It also features a breakdown of the final scenes of season one, along with quickly exploring their consequences in season two.

What The End Of The Boys Means

Our next video from Looper takes a more in-depth look into the ramifications of the season one finale. A great deal of the runtime is dedicated to the various character arcs throughout the season. Aside from this, it also explores some of the potential outcomes moving forward.

The Boys Spoiler Review

This spoiler-filled video review from Collider digs into the first season of The Boys. Even though there isn’t much talk about the upcoming season, the hosts delve into various aspects of the series so far. In addition, they also pick out some of their favorite and most shocking moments from Season One.

How the Boys Did Us Dirty

This video, which comes via NitPix, offers an alternate take on The Boys. While they praise many aspects of season one, the series also left the host unsatisfied. Essentially, the argument is that the series wasn’t interested in leaving any sense of finality after the first season. Although nothing in this season is “pointless” as they suggest, they also seem to forget that the whole point of the cliffhanger is to make us salivate for more. Sure, many questions are left unanswered by the end of the first season. Ultimately, however, isn’t that the point for a first season? While the logic of this argument is inherently flawed, it’s an interesting take nevertheless.

The Boys: All the Easter Eggs & Secrets

Next, we have a video from ScreenCrush that delves into the many Easter eggs, references, and secrets in season one of The Boys. While some of these “secrets” are fairly overt, there’s tons of great information here nevertheless.

The Boys Season 2: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg & Cast Tease Premiere

Shifting gears to the upcoming season 2, this pair of videos from Collider features cast and crew discussing what to expect. Up first, executive producers Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg quickly tease the season two premiere. Aside from revealing that they’ve seen a cut, the duo also calls it “bigger,” with “More resources and characters.” The second season is currently filming, so we can probably expect a summer 2020 premiere similar to the first season.

Next, this extended interview with the cast of The Boys teases several aspects of the current and upcoming seasons. Although they discuss various aspects of filming the first season, they also dish on the currently-filming second season. Along with teasing the release timeline, they also promise more gore, and much more.

The Boys Season 2: What to Expect

Moving onward, this video from NerdWire explores what we can anticipate from the new season of The Boys. Using the comics as a baseline, it tries to uncover what might happen in season 2. Along with seeing The Boys formed and working together, the second season will explore the complicated relationships between our protagonists. It also touches on Billy’s complicated feelings toward Homelander, Mr. Edgar’s increased presence in the story, and the potential inclusion of new characters like Stormfront and Tek Knight. In other words, there are a variety of possible outcomes for Season Two and beyond.

The Boys Season 1: Black Noir Twist Debunked?

Finally, we’ll end on one of the more pressing questions leading into season two: what exactly is the deal with Black Noir? This video from Comic Books vs. the World tries to explore precisely that. While the character is undoubtedly translated differently from the source material in the first season, it’s hard to tell if his comic storyline will play out the same in the show. This video explores why Black Noir’s character arc might not follow the source material. We won’t go into further details here, but it’s safe to assume that this video contains spoilers for both the comics and potential future seasons of the show.

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