ThunderCats Classics Figures Are Back and Better Than Ever

Before Mattel ceded Masters of the Universe Classics to Super7, they gave us a year of ThunderCats Classics. The long-awaited line used the same body style as He-Man, so that for the first time, he and Lion-O could compete or team up in a unified scale. Alas, at the end of that year Mattel quit the online subscription business. And the ThunderCats Classics ended before the core team could even be completed. Until now.

Though Super7 initially couldn’t get the ThunderCats rights, they have finally succeeded. And just as they initially did with Masters, they’re kicking the line off with “ultimate” redos of four core characters. Mattel made their own versions, but not with this many cool accessories. Lion-O comes with a new bonus head, as well as four different versions of his claw shield (fuzzy and gold). Mummy Mumm-Ra, who was a subscription bonus figure from Mattel, but can now be bought separately. Mumm-Ra also comes with an extra head and both cloth and plastic cloaks. Jackalman and Panthro also feature bonus portraits and an arsenal of extra weapons.

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Because these are “ultimates,” they are available to pre-order individually, so if you just want Lion-O, you can get him. They’ll be up for pre-purchase on Super7’s site through Sept. 13th, for delivery next spring. Each figure runs $45, which is now about standard for limited-run figures with this many bonuses.

Presumably the next step will be sets of four new figures, as per Super7’s Masters of the Universe model. Mattel understandably wanted to lengthen the life of the line by spreading out the main characters. But here’s hoping Super7 sees a bit more urgency, and gives us Tygra, Cheetara, and Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living very soon.

Take a look at all the ultimates in our gallery below. Are there any you won’t be pre-ordering, like, yesterday? Tell us in comment section!