Preacher season 4 episode 2 recap

Preacher Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

A trio split rarely maintains such strength, but such rules, if any, rarely apply to the crew of Preacher. Each tackled their own mission as God and Starr lied in wait. But the divergent nature of their tasks doesn’t remove the hovering threat of the apocalypse. Jesse may be the only one working to directly confront it, but that doesn’t dampen Tulip or Cassidy’s passion to ruin the Grail. A victory is a victory, after all. Especially when it impacts the new Allfather’s plans.

Inner Workings

Cassidy finds himself strapped in for yet another torture class after choosing not to leave with Jesse. But he strikes up a bond with Frankie over their experiences in New York City. That doesn’t keep him from threatening to kill his torturer. Cassidy remains petulant when Frankie asks him why he didn’t leave, leading into another round of circumcision. He later chews through his foot in order to escape, stealing a Grail doctor’s uniform in the process. Cassidy gets the gate open but turns back at the imposing sunlight. He tries to escape once more with a sizable amount of drugs but runs into Frankie in the elevator. Cassidy can’t get out of his own way. Frankie believes that Cassidy thinks he deserves the torture.

Frankie’s carve jobs aren’t all that is going on within the Masada. Starr assumes the role of Allfather for a meeting with a number of world leaders. He sidesteps concerns about Jesse’s attack and questions about the whereabouts of the Messiah. In reality, Starr has Grail soldiers hunting down and killing the Messiah clones in search of the actual Humperdoo. One leader is killed via crate grenade for questioning Starr. He doesn’t suffer fools lightly, though he does have a taste for the exotic. No better example of this is his new ear expertly crafted from a pile of Cassidy’s foreskins. They also make for a yummy calamari substitute. At least in Starr’s eyes.

New Plan

Tulip remains undeterred after failing to rescue Cassidy and Jesse’s departure. Her attempt to open the gate via RPG fails, forcing her back to the drawing board once again. Lara isn’t far behind, though, connecting her to the Grail bar. She questions the owner, Kamal, but he denies any knowledge of Tulip. In reality, she’s hiding out in his garage suping up her car. Kamal warns her of the dangerous nature of her task. He asks why she isn’t waiting for Jesse to return. She isn’t waiting for him because he isn’t coming back.

Tulip puts her plan into action as Kamal tips off Lara, asking her to go easy on Tulip. Grail soldiers storm the bar, chasing Tulip from the garage in her car. The Grail soldiers pursue her but get lost in a cloud of dust. Multiple Grail cars are destroyed trying to take her out in the dust cloud, leaving one car remaining. She evades the last car by forcing it to stall out on a hill. But it turns out that Kamal was driving the car, providing a distraction for Tulip to pose as an injured Grail soldier and enter the Masada.

Ride To The End

Jesse’s voyage begins with him hitchhiking to the airport. He’s picked up by a truck but forces it to stop when he sees a boy crying on the side of the road. Turns out the boy’s crying over his dead dog schtick is simply an act for robbery. Jesse guiltily gives the boy his wallet and boots after accidentally killing the dog. He ends up catching a ride on camelback, but that ends in a pile of death as well.

Jesse finally makes it to the airport and learns from a pilot that the rock formation from his dream is in Australia. But he can’t go there just yet. He left his lighter in the first truck that gave him a ride. Jesse remembers the name Jesus De Sade on the truck’s door and tracks down the truck outside a worn house. He grabs the lighter, but the pilot points out the young boy from the road standing with an odd man in the house’s window. Jesse initially plans to leave but the pilot steps out of the car to help the boy. The reluctant hero follows.

Jesse boards a plane with his boots, tending to his bruised knuckles. He’s haunted by guilt over leaving Cassidy and Tulip behind as the pilot readies to take off. But God is watching over the plane, remaining patient for the right time to strike.

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