Preacher season 4 episode 1 recap

Preacher Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

With Angelville firmly in its rearview, Preacher entered its fourth and final season intent on bringing Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy to the edge of apocalypse. That journey began with Cassidy in dire need of rescue from Masada, the Grail command center. Being used as a teaching aid for would-be torturers is no way to live. Jesse and Tulip staged a daring rescue mission to alleviate that, but something more dour lies beyond the Arabian horizon. Of course a phallic rock formation would be the harbinger of the cataclysm.

In The Beginning

A quick vision of the present where Tulip and Cassidy kiss and Jesse crashes to the ground in Australia ahead of the world ending preludes a jump two months in the past. Jesse and Tulip happen upon a Grail bar in the Middle East. They exchange “I love yous” before commanding the Grail soldiers inside to obey Tulip. With a good amount of manpower, the two are able to mount an infiltration of the Masada.

Unfortunately, Cassidy is already in dire straights within the Masada. Lara gives him a quick rundown of the place, including the fact that the child messiah is housed there, before delivering him to an advanced torture class. Cassidy’s regenerative property makes him a keen choice for Frankie’s course. The vampire laughs off being shot in vital organs, prompting Frankie to get creative. He does so by constantly circumcising Cassidy’s regenerative penis. 

Boosting Buddies

Jesse and Tulip take a multi-pronged approach to their mission. Jesse walks straight into the Masada. Herr Starr lets him in and listens to Jesse’s demand for Cassidy’s return. Jesse even offers to restore Starr’s ability to wear hats to cover up the vagina carved into his head in exchange. But Starr refuses, causing Jesse to trigger a firefight between the turned and unturned Grail. Jesse tracks down Cassidy and frees him after fighting off Frankie. They fight and bicker their way to the elevator leading to the gate.

Tulip’s side of things don’t go as smoothly. Her attempt to enter the building disguised as a Grail prisoner is thwarted when a turned Grail soldier named Tammie openly claims to work for Tulip now. Tammie is crushed while trying to keep the gate open, leaving Tulip stranded outside. But Tammie isn’t dead just yet. She lives long enough to point her in the direction of a gate switch at the top of the mountain. Tulip climbs up to find Lara guarding the switch. She throws Lara off the cliff and hits the switch. Lara escapes via flight suit as the gate opens, freeing Jesse and Cassidy. But Cassidy refuses to go. A tense moment between the two over Tulip isn’t the reason though. That and retribution against his torturer totally aren’t the reasons.

Wake Up Call

Tulip shows concern and confusion about Cassidy’s decision. Jesse remains mum about what occurred between him and Cassidy before the gate open. Tulip is ready to mount another attempt, but Jesse is more concerned with whether she slept with Cassidy. Tulip denial moves jesse to agree on another rescue attempt. But that isn’t going to happen. Jesse sees a vision of the apocalypse beginning at a rock formation shaped like a penis. He hears his father’s voice calling him into action. It’s time to find God. A quick vision of him choking Tulip passes before he wakes up, writes her a note and leaves her behind.

But he isn’t alone on this journey. God and Starr, fresh off having his ear blown off, prepare to monitor Jesse and make him suffer before the world ends. Saint and Arseface aren’t far behind either after surveying the aftermath in Angelville.

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