S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6 episode 11 recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. took the concept of “knowing your enemy” to the point of absurdity when Izel revealed her latest power: body snatching. She wreaked havoc throughout the Lighthouse until learning the location of the energy of the monoliths. Izel was more than happy to take her gravitonium ball and go home to open the gates of apocalypse. But the agency isn’t ready to give up. Especially with a new ally on their side.

Bringing Out The Dead

The Lighthouse is buzzing as all sectors of the agency build their counter-Izel measures. Fitz, Simmons and Deke look into how to combat Izel’s body stealing power while the team searches for the Quinjet. All except May. She’s trying to crack Sarge, believing that his memories of his family are actually memories of the agents. Daisy dismisses that idea. There isn’t an ounce of Coulson in him.

She tries to prove her point by pushing him further into turmoil after he nearly breaks a solid steel table with one strike. She deduces that Sarge grew more powerful after resurrecting, so she kills him again. Sure enough, he wakes up powerful enough to dispose of Daisy with a swipe of his disintegrating hand and bust out of the room. The act pushes Daisy away from the idea of Sarge being an ally toward him being a test dummy for Simmons’ Shrike sword. But Sarge has another surprise. He calls Daisy “Skye” and offers to sacrifice himself as his body becomes more unstable. Daisy, stunned, chooses to embrace him instead. Maybe there is some amount of Coulson within him.


Fitz, Simmons and Deke keep hitting dead ends. Other than the Shrike sword, they haven’t worked out a way to keep her from taking over their bodies. That is until Deke hears Sarge’s exchange with Daisy. He mentions “Izel’s song” and figures out that Sarge’s daggers work against the Shrike because they disrupt their resonant frequency. The trio gets to work developing an anti-Izel weapon as May and Daisy reconvene. Daisy admits that May was right about Coulson’s presence within Sarge. He’s dangerous, but he is now their ally.

The Chronicoms have their own breakthrough out in deep space, though much more bloody. Malachi leads a mutiny, killing Atarah and preparing his hunters to conquer a new planet to be Chronyca-3.

Face Your Fear

Speaking of danger, Mack and Yo-Yo remain stuck aboard the Quinjet with Izel. The Shrike creator uses Mack to coerce Dr. Benson’s name out of Yo-Yo. She’s ready to meet the man that can direct her to her temple. Benson and another agent join them on the ship. Izel remains in Mack’s body as he and Benson go over the doctor’s research. But Yo-Yo tips Benson off to Mack’s irregularity, leading him to delete his research. Izel retaliates by forcing Mack to kill the unnamed agent before revealing herself. Benson refuses to help her, but Izel remains confident.

With Yo-Yo and Mack tucked away in a containment cell, Izel unleashes the power of the monolith of creation on Benson. The power to conjure anyone’s worst fear is in the worst possible hands. Benson’s dead husband spawns in front of him only to blame Benson’s drinking for his death before Izel kills him. She promises to continually manifest him, making Benson relive the guilt continuously. That is enough to convince Benson to reluctantly help her. It also gives Mack and Yo-Yo enough time to devise a plan dupe Izel into releasing Benson from the ship.

They make it to the temple, but there’s one task left before Izel can open the gate. The monoliths must be rebuilt. Izel uses the monolith of creation on them in hopes that their fear will spawn someone of assistance. The two tell her that it won’t work as they don’t fear her anymore, but talk is cheap. Flint spawns in the temple. Time is running out.

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