Swamp Thing season 1 episode 9 recap

Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Swamp Thing found himself seriously threatened by a force beyond the swamp thanks to Avery and Jason. The frostbitten beast’s mutagen-laced cells proved too desirable for the king of Marais to resist. It didn’t hurt things that he had The Conclave on his side. But Abby is aware of their involvement, rushing back to the bayou to save Alec. But going under the knife rendered a world-breaking truth about nature’s hero. Breaking out of a lab nor the arrival of the Blue Demon could soothe such a harsh realization.

Finding The Scalpel

With Alec secured and transported to a mobile lab in Avery’s old cement factory, Jason returns home to quickly grab supplies. But Caroline isn’t well. She complains of nightmares depicting a monster frozen near death on the ground. Jason ignores her concerns and reminds her to take her Alzheimer’s medication before leaving. He arrives at his makeshift lab, complete with green spectrum lighting to inhibit Alec’s healing factor. He gets down to business, dissecting Alec’s plant body despite his screams.

But Abby and Liz are on his trail. They learn about Caroline’s deteriorating condition and a possible location of Jason’s lab during an impromptu visit. Jason’s treatment of Caroline upsets Abby, but there are more pressing matters. A quick search of Avery’s real estate dealings highlights the cement factory as a prime location for a secret lab. They also reveal Maria’s plan to usurp her husband’s empire in Marais. It’s time for a jailbreak.

Monsters Of All Colors

Jason continues examining Alec, breaking out a bone saw to gain access to his organs. Alec begs him to stop, but Jason is unmoved. He removes Alec’s lung and heart, noting how inhuman they now appear. Alec’s organs serve no function at all. They’re simply there because logic dictates that they be. Alec isn’t a case of the swap’s forces binding themselves to a human vessel. He’s a creation of the swamp imbued with Alec’s memories. Alec isn’t a man. He’s a plant that believes its a man.

Abby and Liz break into the factory, following a trail of sprouts popping through the concrete floor. They are forced to hide after tipping off a Conclave firing squad. The image resembles a vision shown to Daniel by the stranger from the Blue Devil film set. The stranger uses the vision to convince Daniel to take up that mantle for real, but the real-life scene plays out differently. Abby cuts the power as a transformed Daniel wipes out the gunmen easily in a wave of flames and claws. His help makes Jason flee, giving Abby and Liz an opening. They cut the oppressive lighting, allowing Alec to heal and free himself. But there’s no celebration. Alec must return to Skeeter Cove. He has to know the truth.

Elsewhere, Avery confronts Maria about her plan to take him out. He has a similar plan for Maria. He has Maria committed to a psych ward against her will.


Jason returns home to grab Caroline before relocating to a Conclave lab in Maryland. But Caroline won’t be coming with him. She is convalescing in the corner of their bedroom with an empty pillbox next to her. Jason weeps and cradles his wife as she dies from an overdose.

Avery pays Maria a visit in her padded cell, promising that it will be the last time she ever sees him. He knows Lucilia was in on the plot, but stops short of any insight into his plans for her. Speaking of Lucilia, her son, Matt, crashes his car in a drunken stupor.

But the harshest truth comes out on Skeeter Cove. Abby follows Alec until he disappears underwater. She waits anxiously until Alec returns with a horrifying find. He has a badly decomposed body in his arms. It’s Alec’s body. The green monstrosity’s worst fear is confirmed. He isn’t Alec Holland. Alec Holland is dead.

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