HBO’s His Dark Materials Will Cover One Book Per Season

Though HBO’s His Dark Materials Season 1 has yet to premiere, they’re already getting ready to already start production on Season 2. HBO’s bet is that His Dark Materials will replace Game of Thrones in the hearts of fantasy-fans.

During the show’s TCA panel on Wednesday, His Dark Materials producers Jack Thorne and Jane Tranter revealed new details about how they’re adapting the series, saying:

“Largely it’s one book per season,” Thorne revealed (via IGN). “There are a few treats I’ve stolen from other books. … The whole story of three books and how can we celebrate them in the best possible, and sometimes that involved moving certain elements forward.”

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Tranter explained that they see the first two season as a very long one, given the continuity between them.

“I think of it as 16 episodes rather than 2 seasons, the end of the first novel is continuous with the second,” she added. “As we move from one season to another, we have children in the show who grow up very quickly, who don’t look the same 12 months later, so we had to find a way of turning the piece around quite quickly to allow that story to be told.”

Eventually, she added that they wanted to pace the story out “age-appropriately” for the young actors involved, thus the 16 episodes.

His Dark Materials will premiere in late 2019. Do you think that the series will match the level of Philip Pullman’s works? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.