Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 8 Recap

Shield season 6 episode 8

Interstellar world-eaters have a way of making strange bedfellows. Nothing else could’ve brought Sarge’s roguish crew and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. together in petulant cooperation. There are worse alliances to make when the world is at risk. And it couldn’t come at a better time. The Shrike prepared for their master’s arrival. Odd that Fitz and Simmons showed up with their lifesaver, Izel, at the same time. All forces converged on the Shrike gathering, but so much more is yet to play out. Nothing is ever as it seems.

Bad Company

With his point proven, Sarge chastises Mack for dragging his feet. In order to speed things up, Sarge tells him about the Shrike gathering and impending arrival of the Shrike’s creator, the hate-beast. Sarge plans to kill it. It’s time to mobilize. Mack lets Sarge takes one of his crew on the mission despite his protests. Sarge chooses Snowflake, joining May, Daisy and, after some convincing, Deke. The group moves out with the promise that Mack will stay behind on base. But Mack never said which base. They gas up the Zephyr, load up Pax and Jaco and follow Sarge’s truck.

Daisy questions Sarge about his connection to Coulson during the drive. Their molecular similarities can’t be without reason. Sarge deflects, telling Daisy to focus on saving the planet. He has nothing to tell. Izel is coming. The continuing lack of detail regarding the mission frustrates Daisy and May, but May sees some value in trusting Sarge. Mack might have some intel though. A study of Incan mythology produces stories of an interdimensional demon that destroys worlds in search of the monoliths. Great news.

A Ship Of Pets

Speaking of Izel, Fitz and Simmons help her fix the ship’s engine enough to jump to Earth. The two try unsuccessfully to contact the agency, but their focus on the switchboard blinds them to the situation around them. Izel is waking up Shrike and embedding them in the crew. Izel returns to them, divulging that the artifacts she is searching for are the monoliths. They were built on her planet and a man continually gets in the way of her search.  Fitz lets on that he knows of the monoliths but Simmons plays dumb, not wanting to reveal that they were destroyed. The two give up on establishing communications as the ship approaches Earth.

Course Of Action

Back on Earth, Daisy and May catch Deke and Snowflake getting it before Sarge barges in and chokes Deke. His Shrike repeller keeps failing. Sarge is talked down and he tells them about Izel. She killed Sarge’s family in her path of destruction and must pay. That might be a little hard as a number of Shrike have already arrived and begun building a crystal tower ahead of Izel’s landing. They have to destroy the tower before she shows up.

Sarge’s plan to do that is to arm a bomb on the truck and set it on auto-drive to crash into it. Yo-Yo is tipped off to the weapon by Pax and Sarge bails on the rest in the truck. Taking out a 2000 mile area to kill Izel sits well with him. Deke finds the bomb and begins to devise how to disarm it as Sarge opens a portal on top of the truck. It just so happens to lead to an opening within Jaco’s coat, transporting Sarge to the Zephyr. He frees his team and prepares to take over the ship as Mack struggles with a harsh choice: take out the Izel’s ship without not knowing its passengers or take out the truck and kill his friends.

Something is brewing deep space as well. Enoch looks to reunite the Chronicom anthropologists scattered across the universe in an effort to set their people on the right path. But the Chronicom hunters have their own course of action. They still have access to Fitz and Simmons’ minds and they’re going in.

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