S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6 episode 7 recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

Now that Fitz and Simmons have worked out their issues and broken out of their mind prisons, it’s time for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to get back to work. Sarge nor the Shrike are going to stop themselves, after all. Though Sarge might have similar motivations to Mack and May. That doesn’t mean that cooperation came easily. Especially when Sarge claimed he’d be running the show by the end of the day. Sometimes dire straights make strange bedfellows though. Fitz, Simmons and Enoch learned a bit about that as well out in deep space. Sometimes you need a little help to save your neck.

Under Old Management

Sarge and his team are in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, but that didn’t impact his view of himself or his powers. Many in the control room, including Mack and Daisy, are taken aback by Sarge’s resemblance to Coulson, and Sarge’s caustic attitude toward that resemblance strikes a nerve. May fills Mack in on Sarge’s claims regarding the Shrike, prompting Sarge to claim that everyone will die if he isn’t freed. That isn’t about to happen, but Mack is going to take the opportunity to get to know Sarge real well.

He does so by interrogating him, but Sarge remains steadfast. The Shrike creator is coming and humanity will succumb to its godlike appearance. That is unless they listen to Sarge. Mack refutes the claim, but Sarge reiterates that he’ll be in charge by the end of the day. A frustrated Mack assigns Deke to decrypt Sarge’s tech and takes May’s advice to use Coulson against Sarge. He brings Sarge to his office, complete with a hologram of Coulson. Mack expounds about how Coulson taught him the value of life and loyalty. He doesn’t see that in Sarge. Especially since Jaco won’t accept medical care without Sarge’s approval. He sees no value of life in Sarge even though he shares the same DNA profile as Coulson.

The Next Leap

Out in deep space, Enoch, Fitz and Simmons’ escape hits a snag when they’re teleported back to the casino on Kitson. A patron steals their teleportation device, stranding them where they stick out like a sore thumb. Not to mention they’re still wanted for cheating. The trio tries to leave but security blocks their way. Mr. Kitson wants to see them.

The three try to reason with Kitson, but he’d rather play a lethal game of chance with the humans. Enoch is assigned to the brothels. Fitz, Simmons and the hustler Enoch lost to the last time he was on Kitson are placed into guillotines. The game is simple: everyone holds onto their heavy blade with a chain and the first one to die is the loser. But the game is interrupted when a red-haired woman puts a knife to Kitson’s back. She wants Fitz and Simmons. Kitson is talked into the deal, hitting a button in his coat that causes the hustler’s blade to fall first.

She purchases Enoch as well before introducing herself as Izel. The three travelers would be a worthy addition to her crew as she searches for artifacts on Earth. The potential for a ride home elates Fitz and Simmons, but there’s one problem: Izel doesn’t have a ship. Luckily, Fitz knows where to find one. The group takes back the ship stolen from Fitz on Kitson. But not everyone is making the trip home. Enoch, his duty to Fitz completed, must return to help his people find a new home. He and Fitz share an emotional goodbye before they part.

Told You So

Deke’s tech-savvy comes in handy as he identifies two Shrike moving toward one another. May and Yo-Yo lead a capture mission, but there are issues back home as well. Jaco is awake and breathing fire. He was clearly Sarge’s escape plan, but Daisy takes care of him. The two Shrike are captured as well and brought together in a containment cell onboard the Zephyr. Mack informs Sarge of their success, but he scoffs at Mack’s confidence.

That’s because he knows what happens when Shrike are brought together. They begin to shake and grow more powerful before crystalizing, killing multiple agents. Mack turns to Sarge for advice, but he’ll only help if he returns his team and truck. With time running out, Mack agrees. Sarge tells them Shrike are susceptible to cold. May takes the plane into extremely high altitude to kill the parasites as they break out of the containment cell. At a loss for where to go next, Mack turns to Sarge, complete with an incredulous smile. He told Mack this would happen.

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