Young Justice Outsiders episode 15 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 15 Recap

The action and intrigued got hot and heavy early on in Young Justice: Outsiders’ return. Dick’s new recruits are now officially members of the Team, and they got a crash course in what that entails during their first mission. A routine recon mission went haywire when a trio of villains butted into the matter, but their intentions weren’t their own. Regardless, the encounter stirred something within Violet’s memory, revealing a truth that could devastate her relationship with Brion. A solid first mission all the way around.

Squad v. Squad

Artemis prepares the newbies for their first recon mission as members of Gamma Squad. Gar arrives late to the party thanks to an ongoing on-set feud with Goode, but he’s still in time for the briefing. Their heading to Russia to investigate a state-run meta program. The group easily infiltrate the base, discovering that the Russians have their own force of armor-bound warriors known as the Rocket Red Brigade. Artemis pulls the team out having collected the needed intel, but Brion isn’t satisfied. The potential use of the RRB as super soldiers worries him. They could even be utilized as a Russian form of the Justice League. Artemis reiterates that it isn’t their place to meddle in the efforts of volunteers, but they aren’t leaving just yet. Black Manta, Captain Boomerang and Monsieur Mallah have escaped prison and are outside the compound.

The groups fight, with the Rocket Red Brigade joining the fray. Violet is distraught at something Captain Boomerang says, giving him an opening to wound her before the trio retreats. Artemis tries to talk down the RRB while the villains regroup. Their director won’t let them leave without capturing the RRB tech they were meant to snag. Another clash ensues, but the villains fall yet again and are returned to prison. It’s there where the heroes discover that the villains were working under direction from Amanda Waller. The Suicide Squad is in full effect. Kaldur confronts her about the operation, but both leave willing to maintain each other’s secrecy.

Follies Of Youth

M’Gann and Dinah sit out the mission to appear at an orientation for new members of the meta youth center in Taos. Dr. Eduardo Dorado and a meta teen named Ed welcome the group, pledging that the center’s goal is to help them control their powers and reintegrate them into society. They aim to do so through training, development, support and, if anyone so chooses, inhibitor collars that will negate their meta powers.

Most of the teens vocalize their resistance to wearing the collars, including a young woman that takes a liking to Ed. She has the power to manifest wind tunnels. Dubbing herself Windfall, she accidentally injures Mist and Livewire during a training exercise. She loses control and begins sucking the oxygen from the chamber. Ed teleports her away, saving his and the others’ lives. But Windfall is left a weeping heap, believing herself to be a monster. She chooses to wear the collar upon her return to the youth center.

Little Sheila

Violet remains haunted by Captain Boomerang’s words following the mission. His remark about a “proposition” sparks a memory from her previous life as Gabrielle. She realizes that she took a bribe in exchange for letting the Markovs’ assassin into the royal chambers. Gabrielle aided in the assassination of Brion’s parents, but Violet is left with the guilt. Brion can never know.

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