S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6 episode 6 recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. celebrated the return of Daisy and the Zephyr crew, but Fitz and Simmons’ absence made the occasion a tad hollow. Things seem well in hand on Earth after Sarge’s capture, but the agency’s rom-com couple remains separated from them by galaxies. The Chronicoms still need them to figure out how to travel back in time and save their planet, but holding humans prisoner within their own minds doesn’t seem like the best motivation. Being trapped within your own memories can be painful, but sharing that cell with the person you love complicates things tenfold. It also makes it very hard to hide secrets. It’s time for Fitz and Simmons to put their emotional cards on the table.

Think Tank

Fitz and Simmons wake up in a stark, white room. They’re beyond happy to be with each other, but Fitz is still perplexed. He thought Simmons was 100 years in the future. Altarah pops in to ask the same question. She reveals that they’re locked in a containment cell that shares all of their memories and knowledge instantaneously. It’s the best way for the duo to figure out time travel. Fitz says that’s against the laws of physics, but Altarah points out that Simmons said otherwise earlier. Altarah leaves them to their work, but Fitz is more focused on Simmons. He proposes to her, saying the universe can’t stop us. Simmons accepts. She doesn’t care if they ever escape simply because she’ll be with Fitz.

Fitz’s curiosity doesn’t subside afterward. Simmons sidesteps his questions about the future, trying to hide future Fitz’s fate, but his mention of the monolith causes her panic. Fitz examines the monolith despite Simmons’ protest. The dissent causes Simmons to regress to a childlike form. She runs away, leading Fitz into her childhood bedroom. The sight causes a realization in Fitz: their minds are the prison. Simmons demands Fitz read her a bedtime story that recounts the Zephyr’s adventures, but he drops the book after the cover damns him. They return to the white room to receive another tongue lashing from Altarah. Simmons simply regressed due to her search for answers.

Life’s Little Troubles

Enoch continues to warn Altarah about the consequences of forcing humans into prisons filled with their emotional problems. And his words ring all too true as Fitz and Simmons devolve to yelling. Fitz forces Simmons to return to adult form by invoking the memory of Aida, but that anger turns to guilt when Mack appears in the room. He’s part of Simmons’ memory of their return to Earth after Fitz’s death. Fitz comes face to face with his own dead body. Simmons recounts his fatal heroics, but Fitz remains visibly shaken. The feeling intensifies when Simmons receives Fitz’s wedding ring. He missed his own wedding. The hits keep coming when he learns of Coulson’s death. An overwhelmed Fitz leaves Simmons alone.

Simmons begins moving through her memories to find Fitz. She finds him in a memory from college. She warns him about pushing himself too much but Fitz isn’t hearing it. He wants to figure out time travel so that they can undo anything they desire. That doesn’t sit well with Simmons. It could cause severe mental breaks. On queue, a series of loud stomps reveal that Fitz’s Framework HYDRA persona, Leopold, is on their trail. They hide in Simmons’ bedroom, but Fitz isn’t the only one with compartmentalized darkness. A monster made of Simmons’ “little troubles” burst from a music box. They escape into the memory of their assignment to Coulson’s unit, but Leopold and Troubles arrive to separate and capture them.

Made For Each Other

Enoch’s continued insistence that Altarah free his friends is met with threats, similarly to the imprisoned. Fitz is strung up by his feet so Troubles can play autopsy while Leopold prepares to extract Simmons’ memories. They both move past the pain and manifest other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to help them escape. They end up trapped in a containment cell with Leopold and Troubles circling them. The couple unloads all of their frustrations and argues about their troubled personas. The argument makes them realize they’re the same. They both have unaddressed issues but can overcome them together. They profess their love for one another and rush out to face their darkness, but those forces are preoccupied romantically with one another. Even their dark sides are made for each other.

Fitz and Simmons return to the white room for another rant from Altarah, but the Chronicom collapses. Enoch finally had enough and knocked her out so he could free his friends. The three of them teleport off the Chronicom ship.

Back on Earth, Mack is ecstatic to hear Simmons and Fitz were reunited. Daisy mentions their imprisonment by the Chronicoms and the reasoning behind it. Mack’s ears perk up at the mention of the Chronicoms. He has evidence that proves the planet was destroyed by Sarge and his team. And they have them in custody.

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