Dan Stevens Teases X-Men Connections in Legion’s Final Season

Legion originally left the door open for itself to reside within the same continuity as 20th Century Fox’s X-Men movies. But as the show continued, it gradually became clear that Legion took place in its own universe. The curtain is about to fall on David Haller’s journey with tonight’s premiere of the third and final season. However, the series won’t be wrapping up without hinting at the larger X-Men world. In a new interview with Collider, Dan Stevens discussed these allusions and shared his thoughts on bidding farewell to David once and for all.

David’s father, Charles Xavier, has previously been teased on the show. Now that Xavier is finally making his debut, David will presumably get the answers he’s been looking for.

“It’s been on his mind, since day one, really, and it’s been teased,” said Stevens. “It’s quite exciting to see. It’s the third incarnation we’ve seen of Professor X, with Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy. It’s cool. It’s this canonical role now, that [Game of Thrones’ Harry Lloyd] is taking on. Those scenes that I have with him, with David opposite his father at a very similar age, it’s trippy stuff. It’s a nice resolution to that relationship. There’s a lot of confusion and hurt, obviously, in that direction. So, there are a few episodes, towards the end, where we see that harmony, and a discussion of that whole thing, which is really lovely.”

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It doesn’t sound like the X-Men references will end there. Although Legion has always stood apart from other comic-derived shows thanks to the unique vision of creator Noah Hawley, Stevens believes the finale will please comic fans and newcomers alike.

“I think that will be satisfying for people who know and love X-Men and Legion,” continued Stevens. “It’ll also make anybody who’s watched the show – and there are quite a few people who’ve watched the show, who have no knowledge of the Marvel of it all – curious, and it might cause them to go and watch some other X-Men-y type of things. Having surprised so many people with the unique look and style of the show, to bring it back to that universe is quite fun and satisfying.”

Legion’s final season kicks off on FX tonight. You can share your thoughts on Stevens’ remarks in the comment section below!

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