Agents of Shield season 6 episode 5 recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 5 Recap

A short break didn’t stop Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. from barreling toward the ”death of everything.” May found herself in Sarge’s grasp after their run-in at Deke’s. The situation wasn’t preferred, but the emotional anguish did give her a chance to learn more about Sarge’s mission. The Zephyr continued its own quest for answers regarding Fitz. The trouble with risky searches though is that they can lead to dangerous and painful realities. Simmons and Fitz found that out the hard way.

Turning Point

May is plagued by memories of her last days with Coulson as she remains under Sarge’s watchful eye. They’re all alone together after Sarge sent Snowflake on a mission. He promises to turn May and add her to his ranks. Producing a briefcase full of knives gives this statement a menacing tone. Sarge remains surprised that May recognizes him, but May lets that fall away. She instead promises to kill Sarge. Coulson was everything Sarge isn’t. Sarge is the imposter, not the other way around.

Their one-on-one is cut short when Snowflake radios Sarge. May’s test is ready. Sarge pulls her blindfold off, pitting her face-to-face with an unsuspecting man. She refuses to kill follow Sarge’s orders, but there’s more to this guy. Sarge shoots him in the head but the man reanimates. He has the parasitic bird within him. May fights off the creature until it begins to crystallize. She stabs it with a special knife. Sarge welcomes her aboard but all May wants to know is what she just killed.


Enoch is stuck in a loop of self-loathing after allowing Fitz to be captured. Daisy and Simmons do their best to pump him up, mostly to get him to be quiet, but Enoch knows the Chronicon hunters won’t release Fitz. He failed his best friend. The Zephyr suddenly goes dark as multiple Confederacy assemble outside. The crew prepares for boarding as Enoch recognizes the ships as the same ones that attacked Fitz’s cryopod. He opens the door and his former Chronicon ally Altarah enters. She’s there to judge Enoch for tampering with the universe.

The crew is taken to Altarah’s ship where they learn that the Chronicon homeworld has been destroyed. Altarah isn’t actually there to judge Enoch. She’s there to accost the agents about how they traveled through time to save their world. Daisy and Simmons have no answers, but they better come up with some fast. Altarah has Fitz. Enoch informs Altarah that Fitz is the best bet at uncovering the ability to time travel and the best motivation for him is to know that Simmons is in danger. It’s a great theory, but it makes Altarah believe the others are expendable. Simmons offers to stay if she spares the others. Altarah agrees and Simmons stays behind as the Zephyr plots a course for Earth.

Enoch visits Fitz to inform him of everything, including having Simmons in danger to motivate Fitz. He is understandably angry, but Enoch floods his cell with gas, knocking him out.

Overcoming Nightmares

Sarge finally gives May some answers regarding his mission. He and his crew are hunting the parasites, known as Skrine, popping from world to world to eliminate them to stave on the “death of everything.” Sarge reveals that he’s over 100 years old and that he’s hoping to lure the Skrine leader to Earth and destroy the planet, killing it. May sits with the knowledge until she lures Snowflake into a fight. She takes her out and attacks Sarge as he drives the truck. She knocks him out and takes the wheel.

The agency is trying to wrap their heads around some new discoveries as well. After Benson settles Yo-Yo’s grief-stricken mind over killing Keller, he shows them samples of the crystal formations. Yo-Yo immediately recognizes similarities between them and the monoliths. The layline theory comes up again as crystal detonations along them would destroy the world. Benson begins planning expeditions to monolith spawn points when Mack is informed that the Zephyr has returned. A tearful reunion ensues before they learn that May is on her way back. And she has company.

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