Jessica Jones season 3 episode 2 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Jessica Jones isn’t the only hero in town thanks to Trish’s successful response to experimentation, but calling yourself a hero and being one are two completely different things. Trish learned this the hard way. It’s origin story time! Yes, the series got the “previously on” portion of Trish’s rise to crime fighting out of the way early in the season. That doesn’t mean that her journey had little meaning though. Her experience was unique compared to that of her sister. Being a celebrity has that effect. But her turn to heroism further charged her desire to reconnect with Jessica. But that doesn’t mean that Jessica was ready to forgive her sister. Not at all.

Humble Beginnings

That first moment of Trish’s powers manifesting puts her down a completely new road. What began with catching her phone on her foot turns into a full fledged training in parkour and boxing. No amount of gain dispels the pain of feeling separated from Jessica though. And she could really use that relationship right now. Without a mentor, Trish resorts to Binging “how to fight crime,” directing her to an article about Jessica. She notices that Jessica is now offering her services to the poor, giving her confidence that her influence remains despite the estrangement.

Trish tries to thwart a robbery only to arrive as the suspects are arrested. Jessica isn’t far away, giving Trish the chance to watch her ignore her phone call in real time. She gets a second chance when a phone thief runs by. Trish takes the guy out, but both he and the victim recognize her. Even worse, the thief hits Trish with a lawsuit. Jeri helps her out, putting Malcolm on the case, but Trish will likely have to pay a large settlement to make it go away. She sets up shop in her new makeshift loft after putting her apartment on the market.

It’s not all bad though. Trish finally succeeds for the first time, averting a date rapist. She follows that up by overhearing Jessica’s self-defeating thought processes before taking out some stress with her trainer. The sisters might not be so different after all.


That doesn’t mean they’re about to link back up though. Trish is turned onto the case of Andrew Brandt, a man who hired goons to assault his half-sister and steal a statue. The case intrigues her and she begins researching it while starting a new job on a home shopping network. She begins staking him out when his charges are dropped. She sets up shop in a hotel across from his apartment, blocking everything else, including Dorothy, out.

Trish sits down to email Jessica, making an apologetic plea to join up with her. Her belief that neither of them have to go it alone anymore turns to anger quickly. She deletes her apology and instead vents her frustrations and saves the draft. She takes her shot at Brandt before Jessica shows up, bringing everything up to speed with the first episode.

All Alone

Malcolm’s existential crisis and Jessica’s anger leaves Trish solo as she returns to work. Dorothy’s pestering finally gets to her as she breaks down slightly in front of her. Even the most overbearing mothers can muster some affection from time to time. But a call from Malcolm resets everything. Jessica is in the hospital.

Trish visits Jessica, bringing her food and supplies and offering care. But Jessica only wants one thing: a name. Trish sees this as an opening to reconnect with her, but Jessica only wants a name. Jessica ignores Trish after she divulges Brandt’s name. Shut out once again, Trish storms out of the hospital.

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