Jessica Jones season 3 episode 1 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

At long last, Netflix hammered the final nail in the coffin of its development relationship with Marvel with the release of the Jessica Jones’ third and final season. Jessica’s constant struggle with identifying herself as a hero continued, helped along by Trish’s murderous actions. The sisters remained on the outs as the season opened, but Trish has her own heroic secret hidden away. It seems she’s hidden herself away as well, prompting Dorothy to hire Jessica to find her. Family has a way of setting itself on a crash course. Pack in Jeri’s struggle with mortality and the entrance of hunky burgermeister Erik and you have the spark needed to set this final sprint in motion. No better time for one last ride.

The Right Time

Speaking of time, Jeri’s condition worsens as her ALS takes hold. She has a contingency plan though for when the time to end her suffering comes: sketchy suicide pills. She doesn’t trust herself to take them though, so she calls on Jessica to be her death’s arbiter. She expectedly doesn’t want that kind of weight on her shoulders but Jeri persists. So much that Jessica loses her cool and pretends to force the pills down Jeri’s throat with a glass of whiskey before relenting. No one can plan to know when the right time will be. These words perhaps inspire Jeri to reach out to an old flame, Kith.

Malcolm has his own actions to reconcile with himself. He wants to be an investigator, but he finds himself assuming the role of a fixer for Jeri’s client and star baseball player Cody. His penchant for drunk driving gives Malcolm constant work, but his anger at Cody’s infinite chances gets too strong to ignore. He purposefully t-bones Cody’s car during another drunk driving incident, leaving him with a career-ending injury.

Family Discount

Jessica’s slate of pro bono work is interrupted by Dorothy. She wants to hire Jessica to find Trish. It appears that she has dropped completely off the radar, selling her apartment and setting up shop in a rundown warehouse loft. Jessica agrees despite Dorothy bringing up her mother’s demise. Trish is family after all.

Trish’s new digs reveal a complete reinvention going on within. Trish is pouring through books and files, training her body and tailing folks all over the city. Jessica finds an unsent email addressed to her on Trish’s computer. The email starts out as an apology but quickly turns to Trish saying she’s Jessica’s conscience and that she was too busy blaming her to realize she needs her.

Jessica deduces that Trish was staking someone out from a hotel room. Those suspicions are confirmed when she watches Trish follow a man into an apartment across the street. Jessica intervenes when he pulls a gun, allowing him to escape. Trish leaps from the window unharmed and the two meet back at Trish’s hotel room. Trish doesn’t think she needed saving. She’s a hero now too. Jessica asks if her new powers and mission was worth killing her mother. Trish seems to think so. Jessica doesn’t have to be a hero anymore. Trish is taking that off her plate.

Codeword Burgers

Jessica retreats to her usual barstool after her fight with Trish, but she meets a new, curious friend. Erik seems to have an innate ability at reading people and the two bond over other patrons’ pain and the bar’s cruddy burgers. He bets Jessica $50 that she’ll love his burger and the two head back to Jessica’s place. Erik and Jessica put the grilling on hold and proceed to getting it when they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Jessica answers and gets a knife in the abdomen from a masked assailant. The stabber runs away as Jessica collapses to the hallway floor in a bloody heap. Malcolm puts pressure on the wound as Jessica looks toward her attacker with the fire of hell in her eyes.

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