Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6 episode 4 recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

Things got a bit more grounded during this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as focus returned to the battle against Sarge. While the Zephyr’s crew tracked down Fitz, Mack and May continued to track Sarge’s activities. And it just so happened that Sarge set a familiar face in his sights: Deke. His tech startup hosted yet another clash between the two forces. The physical struggle was fierce, but the emotional strain Yo-Yo and Keller underwent topped any stray fist. Vulnerability is quite the risk/reward proposition.

Real Reality

Deke has been busy in the year since apocalypse was averted. He co-opted S.H.I.E.L.D. tech to power his VR game development startup, but he has larger goals. His ultimate goal is to solve world hunger by producing food pellets. His noble cause still needs some capital, so he takes a meeting with a strange man. That man turns out to be Sarge, fresh off killing an alien in mid-crystallization. Deke believes Sarge to be Coulson at first, but something feels off. He tricks Sarge into dropping his ruse, but who needs a cover story when you have a big knife?

Sarge tells Deke that he shouldn’t be in this timeline before Deke manages to escape. The rest of Sarge’s crew stalk him through the building, but Deke has a guardian angel. His dopey assistant reveals himself to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and helps him escape the building as Mack arrives. Mack and May learn or Sarge’s presence in the building and immediately mobilize assault teams. It’s time to take down the doppelganger.

Losing Control

Things remain tense back at HQ. Yo-Yo and Keller’s relationship continues to solidify. So much so that Keller tries unsuccessfully to disclose it to Mack. Yo-Yo confronts Keller about it on their way to an autopsy of Sarge’s latest victim. Keller believes that Mack still hasn’t gotten over Yo-Yo, but that isn’t swaying him from committing to their romance. The emotions are shelved as Benson discovers a parasitic alien within the crystalized man’s body. The creature reanimates once Benson removes Sarge’s knife, allowing the bat-like creature to escape the lab.

Yo-Yo and Keller search for the alien, but it finds them first. Specifically Keller, entering his body through his mouth and starting the assimilation process. Yo-Yo and Benson try to extract the parasite, but it succeeds in taking over Keller’s body. Keller’s body begins to tear apart in crystalline formations, threatening to destroy the base. Yo-Yo acts quickly, stabbing Keller in the chest with Sarge’s knife. The blow kills the man she loves but halts the parasite. Yo-Yo crumbles in tears. Her gaze remains on Keller’s body.

Startup Storm

Mack and May split up to take on Sarge’s team, leaving Deke on the ship for his own protection. Things get complicated when Deke learns that his girlfriend, Sequoia, is still in the building. He can’t just leave her in there amidst the firefight, so Deke rushes back in to save her. The two meet up with Mack and eliminate Pax, but Jaco isn’t far behind. Mack and Deke lead him into the VR room, jacking him into Deke’s power fantasy complete with lusty Daisy construct. Deke offers Mack 2% of his company to keep the VR Daisy model a secret.

May singles out Snowflake, taking her down in hand-to-hand easily. But her offensive is spoiled when Sarge flanks her, holding her at gunpoint. May becomes Sarge’s hostage as he and Snowflake flee the building in their truck.

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