The Tick Creator Says the Series Has Failed To Find a New Home

Last month, Amazon pulled the plug on its superhero satire series, The Tick. However, series creator, Ben Edlund, promised to search for a new outlet for the show. Since the series was produced by Sony Pictures TV rather than Amazon, there was still a chance to save it. Unfortunately, it appears that Edlund’s efforts to save the show have fallen short.

Via EW, Edlund announced that The Tick will not be getting reprieve from its cancellation.

“We will look for other opportunities to continue this story with this cast,” noted Edlund in a follow up post. “But the current series must I’m afraid come to its end. Please continue to choose love and hope for good things. And I think we might as well accept it as a law of the universe: when the time is right #TheTick always comes back…”

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Griffin Newman, who portrayed Arthur on the series, shared a message for fans after Edlund’s announcement.

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