Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6 episode 3 recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. took things offworld this week, giving Mack and crew a much needed break from Coulson’s doppelganger. The search for Fitz continued as all parties found their way to the vice planet of Kitson. Fitz and Enoch’s quest to find a new cryo chamber landed them in a high stakes card game. Daisy and Simmons were hot on their heels, though their effectiveness was severely impacted by some space drugs. They couldn’t have picked a worst time to take that trip as a mysterious hunter is on Fitz’s trail as well. Someone’s luck is bound to run out.

One Lousy Chip

Fitz and Enoch’s sparing of their ship’s crew is rewarded by two Kitson merchants double-crossing them. Instead the money they need for a new cryo pod, the two get a single chip for the planet’s casino. The duo make the best of it despite the hopeless nature of trying to turn one chip into enough to get off the planet. Fitz luckily has Enoch, an advanced computer, as an intergalactic rain man. The two employ his mathematic skills to earn a large amount of cash as Enoch proclaims that Fitz is his best friend.

Unfortunately, Enoch isn’t too apt when it comes to people. He doesn’t recognize a bluff and loses all of his chips as a result. With no other option, Enoch convinces Fitz to participate in one last high stakes game. Fitz agrees before learning that he will be sold into slavery if he loses. Good thing he has Enoch to signal him with a tone only humans can hear. What could go wrong?


The Zephyr is boarded by a Naro-Atzia inspector almost immediately after jumping. Simmons mentions they’re looking for Fitz hoping the inspector can help, but it backfires. A bounty hunter pops out, wounding Daisy and Piper before Davis knocks him out. The hunter offers little information other than that Fitz is out of time. The crew learns about Kitson and make their way there believing Fitz to be there.

They learn Fitz is at the casino from the goons that double-crossed him, but they also get some space snacks from them. Perhaps they should’ve left them alone. Simmons and Daisy begin tripping as they enter the casino. Davis begins tripping as well back on the Zephyr before watching the hunter escape his bindings. Simmons and Daisy begin hearing Enoch’s signals to Fitz, though they write them off as more hallucinations. They better start worrying though. The hunter escapes the Zephyr, and Kitson is sure to be his next destination.

Besties & Bounties

Fitz performs well thanks to Enoch’s help, but his fortunes change when Enoch suddenly falls silent. Enoch collapses, revealing the duo’s ruse. Their imprisoned by the dealer, sentenced to go before Mr. Kitson himself. Fitz reboots Enoch and discovers that he was remotely overridden by another chronocon. The bad news is that most chronocons aren’t mathematicians like Enoch. They’re hunters.

On cue, a trio of hunters arrive, running full steam into a fight with Daisy. Simmons tries to talk her way past a guard as Fitz implores Enoch to help him escape via a dead alien’s sulfuric blood. Enoch can’t ignore a request from his best friend. Simmons begins to fall deeper into the emotional pool of her trip as Enoch blows the door. Fitz steps through the smoke and reunites with Simmons. The moment is all too brief as the hunter arrives and takes Fitz prisoner before teleporting away. Enoch, surprised to see Simmons, tells her that she shouldn’t be here. She’s out of time.

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