Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6 episode 2 recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 2 Recap

A hefty mystery is shaping up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Despite the agency’s best efforts, Coulson’s doppelganger, Sarge, and his crew of futuristic soldiers made their way to Earth. The sight of the leader originally thought dead froze May in the moment. The feeling wasn’t exclusive to her, but she definitely harbored the most unresolved emotion at the sight. Those emotions had to be controlled, though. Combatting Sarge’s remorseless approach to his mysterious mission required such. Finding the correct balance could mean preventing the end of the world all over again.

New Rock, New Truths

Sarge and his crew laugh off the rudimentary nature of the “new rock” on which they find themselves. They steal supplies from a gas station before getting down to the task of finding a new supply of PEGs. Pax begins to rub Sarge the wrong way by suggesting they take a break and enjoy the Earth’s healthy atmosphere. The mention of Sarge’s mysterious past widens the rift, causing Sarge to tell Jaco to keep an eye on Pax. A replacement may be in order.

Elsewhere, Mack and the agency regroup while mourning the death of Agent Fox. May can’t shake Sarge’s resemblance to Coulson, but she can’t let it get in the way of the mission. The team tracks Sarge to a shipyard, but Dr. Benson lets them in on an unfortunate truth before they can follow up on the lead. A DNA analysis of Sarge reveals that his DNA is a 100 percent match to Coulson’s. Sarge isn’t a life model decoy. He’s some other version of Coulson.


It turns out Fitz’s alien-like reveal is little more than a disguise meant for him and Enoch to travel clandestinely. He blows his cover fairly quickly and his eyes return to their normal color. The ship’s captain threatens to toss him into space, but Fitz offers to work as the ship’s engineer for free in exchange for his life. The captain takes him up on the offer, but he decides to toss the rest of his engineering crew out of the airlock as a result. Free labor trumps all, apparently.

This doesn’t sit well with Fitz, so he plans a one man mutiny against the captain. Enoch keeps his nose out of things as Fitz steps into the airlock with the rest of the engineers. His ploy doesn’t work. The captain shuts the airlock and prepares to cast the lot into space as Enoch gets a tight grip on the ship’s interior. It seems that Fitz rewired the switch to open a separate airlock, sucking the captain and his guards out of the ship. Enoch frees them and they plot a course for a different destination in order to save the crew from punishment. Fitz heads out as the Zephyr arrives, like two ships crossing in the night.


Sarge’s search for PEGs brings him to a jewelry store, though he finds little more than useless diamonds and gems. He, Pax and Snow lock themselves in the shop’s vault with the manager as a hostage. It isn’t long until the agency is on the scene with May and Yo-Yo bolting there from the shipyard. Sarge opens a portal to the truck in the vault’s wall, allowing Jaco to join the search. They finally come across some crystals that fit their PEG needs, but things are about to get a lot harder. May sees the portal via a scanner and deduces that the way into the vault lies back at the shipyard.

She discovers the cloaked truck and single-handedly takes out Sarge’s entire crew, rescuing the manager. Sarge hits pause on his weapons test when he sees the manager running through the shipyard. He returns to the ship, causing May to stop fighting momentarily. Her mention of the name Coulson causes him to hesitate before sending her back into the vault and closing the portal. Jaco asks Sarge why he froze at the mention of the name, but he only says that it “rings a bell” as they drive away from the shipyard.

Dr. Benson has some bad news for Mack regarding Sarge’s mission. A decoded biologic ID from Pax’s wall-bound buddy reveals footage of Sarge evacuating another planet as it comes apart. The Earth might be facing the same fate.

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