Supergirl season 4 episode 22 recap

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 22 Recap

Old scars mended and new schisms formed as Supergirl’s fourth season came to its thrilling conclusion. The expected clash between Kara and the Red Daughter begat a slew of others, most notably with Agent Liberty and Lex Luthor. Along with her allies, National City’s protector took on the mad genius as he approached the threshold of world domination and alien genocide. But that wasn’t where Lex’s evil intentions ended. As with all of Lex’s endeavors, destroying Kara’s cousin, Superman, laid at the foundation. Fortunately, Kryptonians tend to have each other’s back.

America’s Hero

A quick trip to the recent past reveals that Lex was the one whp directed the Red Daughter to find Kara’s mother, setting up their final clash. Lex deems Ben no longer useful and orders his elimination as he continues to syphon power from aliens to power his super suit. The Kaznian assault begins on cue, and so does Luthor’s treachery. He destroys the Kaznian forces and reveals his double cross to the Red Daughter before incapacitating her. The Kaznian Kryptonian is kept alive and placed in a syphon chamber for Lex’s future use.

President Baker pardons Lex and names the nation’s new hero the new Secretary of Alien Affairs. He celebrates his rise with a family reunion in the oval office. Lena and Lillian answer invitations to the White House where  Lex reveals that he did everything for the entire Luthor family. He lays out his plan to revolutionize energy worldwide with his alien syphon technology, effectively turning the planet’s alien population into disposable batteries. But it’s never about the greater good with Lex. His first act, one which will use half of the power derived from his alien captives, is to kill Superman by destroying Argo.

Shelley Island Smackdown

Shelley Island will have to stay in one piece for that to happen. The home of Lex’s alien prison plays host to the final showdown between Agent Liberty and Supergirl as Nia and J’onn spark a riot within the prison. The chaos allows them to escape into the chamber housing the Claymore laser core as it prepares to fire on Argo. Unable to stop the program, J’onn and Nia risk their lives to overload the core as Brainy warns them against it. Their selflessness jumpstarts Brainy’s mind once again, allowing the Brainy of old to return to the surface. He begins to encourage them, professing his love for Nia as they succeed in frying the core.

James and Ben fight on the beach outside until both extract the black kryptonite from each other’s bodies, wounding James’ eye in the process. The Claymore disarming brings Lex to the island, pitting him against Kara. Lex initially overpowers her, but the Red Daughter rushes in to take the killing blow for her doppelganger. She dies in Kara’s arms, apologizing for her actions. Kara absorbs her power after her death, allowing her to overtake Lex, damaging his super suit as he flies away. Kara tries to save him, but he’d rather die than be saved by a Kryptonian. Lex falls to his death, his suit bursting into flames upon contact.

One Last Cut

It’s never that simple with Lex. Instead of perishing in the blaze, he teleports to his secret lab. Unfortunately for him, Lena is waiting with a gun trained on him. She extracts the black kryptonite from his body before answering his goading with two slugs in the chest. The world will never be safe as long as Lex is in it. Her brother doesn’t see it that way though. His death means she loses the only person she can trust. He reveals that Kara is Supergirl with his dying breath, pointing out that all of the people she cares about are liars and manipulators. With Lex gone, Lena is left with nothing.

All Is Well

Nia, Kara and James celebrate as President Baker is removed from office and Haley is named as interim Secretary of Alien Affairs. Alex and Kelly couple up with a kiss. So do Nia and Brainy. The group gathers for another game night, but Lena’s arrival casts a faint darkness over the room. She plays dumb about Kara’s secret as Kara struggles with whether or not to reveal her secret identity to Lena. Alex talks her out of it, convincing her to table until after they celebrate the victory.

George promotes human/alien unity at a rally, denouncing his father’s actions as Agent Liberty. Eve is unable to escape Lex’s wake, but she has her own secret. She actually works for the terrorist organization Leviathan. Her attempts to run after failing to manipulate Lex prove futile. Leviathan is everywhere.

The season can’t end without a proper tease for the impending Crisis On Infinite Earths event. The Monitor returns, freeing J’onn’s vengeful brother, Malefic, before approaching Lex’s corpse. Lex might not be as dead as we thought.

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