Doom Patrol’s Pilot Episode is Free to Stream for One Week Only

DC Universe’s Doom Patrol is easily one of the most offbeat takes on the superhero genre to hit this year. Unfortunately, only fans willing to shell out $7.99 a month (or $74.99 a year) for DC Universe are able to tune in weekly. But now, DC Universe is giving non-subscribers the chance to sample the team’s first outing, free of charge.

The series’ pilot episode is currently available to watch on YouTube. However, it won’t stay up there forever. CBR reports that the episode will only remain uploaded through next Thursday, May 23. DC Universe will air Doom Patrol’s season finale the following day on May 24.

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Back in March, the platform also released free YouTube videos featuring the pilot episodes of both  Titans and Doom Patrol, as well as the season premiere of Young Justice: Outsiders. DC Universe also attempted to broaden its viewership in March when it offered a one-time deal of $0.80 for the first month in honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary.

DC Universe has done a pretty good job so far of introducing a new series right as another one wraps up a season. After Titans‘ inaugural season concluded in December, the streaming service premiered Young Justice: Outsiders in January. This was followed by the premiere of Doom Patrol in mid-February. Next up, DC Universe will launch Swamp Thing on May 31.

You can check out Doom Patrol’s pilot episode below. If you’re new to the series, you can give us your initial thoughts in the comment section!