Doom Patrol season 1 episode 13 recap

Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 13 Recap

The Doom Patrol’s stable grew once again with the introduction of the repeatedly teased Flex Mentallo. The crew boosted Vic from the Ant Farm amid a crowd of normalcy advocates, strange prisoners and carnivorous butts, which included the man of mind and muscle. But there was one small problem: Flex has no memory of who he is. Fitting as he holds a fondness for soap operas. The Doomers had their work cut out for them trying to reverse decades of indoctrination at the hands of the Bureau of Normalcy. Our heroes have proven themselves resourceful in the past, though. Even with Larry predisposed with the Negative Spirit and Rita watching over Vic and Silas, the team came together to bring another “real hero” back to life. All that’s left now is to face down Mr. Nobody.

Inmate 722

The Negative Spirit, now fully separated from Larry, lures Vic’s cell block neighbor to the group. Rita quickly recognizes the man to be Flex underneath his long hair and beard. Flit teleports the entire group out of the Ant Farm as Darren, who seemingly survived the butts, closes in on them. Flex has no recollection of his identity, but it wasn’t always that way.

The memory loss is due to 55 years of dulling and cooperation with the Bureau. Originally captured by way of kitten trap, Flex became cell neighbors with Larry at the Ant Farm. He tried to convince Larry to help him escape early on, but Larry refused, fearing the negative effect he’d have on the outside world. The Negative Spirit was much more cooperative, but Flex’s plan ultimately goes unfulfilled. The Bureau has his wife, Dolores, held captive and threaten to torture her if Flex continues to be uncooperative. He relents, hoping to see periodic glimpses of his love on the Bureau-provided TV that becomes his obsession.

Leaving The Forbidden Congo

Flit teleports Rita, Vic and Silas to a hospital before returning to deal with their new friend. Silas somehow survived the beating Vic put on him and now the son watches over his father out of love and guilt. Rita produces the chip in which Grid is stored, pleading with Vic to reinstall his OS. It’s the only way they can track the Beard Hunter. Vic remains unsure, pointing out that the team should’ve heeded Mr. Nobody’s words. Rita gives him the chip and leaves the room.

The hospital lobby awakens Rita’s haunting memories of an abandoned child. She tries to leave but is drawn into conversation by a patient that mistakes her for a doctor. His own struggles with estrangement prompt Rita to talk openly about her convictions. The abandoned child belongs to a former actress named Mary Beth whom Rita set up with her producer. The arrangement kept Rita in line for roles, but Mary Beth ends up committing suicide when the producer abandons her and their child. The next film Rita got from the deal was “Forbidden Congo,” the film during which she had her accident. In her mind, she deserves every punishment that came afterward.

The admission proves cathartic, leading Rita to confront Vic. They cannot keep running from Mr. Nobody. Vic decides to reinstall Grid but won’t his father’s side. The rest of them will have to go after Mr. Nobody without him. Rita leaves the hospital empowered as the patient she spoke is revealed to be Mr. Nobody in disguise.

The Cure For Amnesia

With the rest of the team disposed, Cliff and Jane are left with the task of unlocking Flex’s memories and powers. He perks up when they mention the Chief, but the Chief he knows is from the soap opera he watches. The two remove his clothes, shave him clean and cut his hair to resemble his previous image. Flex is impressed with his stature, but still doesn’t remember. Cliff tries to apologize for going into The Underground, but Jane deflects before offering a new approach: they should trick Flex into using his powers. Cliff does so by punching out the TV while Flex’s soap is on, but it only causes him to cry.

Jane’s blowtorch-based theory is tossed aside when Larry, fresh off a negative dream reminding him of his previous encounter with Flex, offers another option. They have to find Dolores. Flit returns a short time later with a still brainwashed Dolores, though her elbow KO device is covered. The sight immediately brings Flex’s memories back, with Dolores’ soon following. The two embrace for the first time in 55 years before Dolores begins disintegrating in Flex’s arms. She is reduced to dust by the Bureau failsafe, causing Flex to nearly fry the entire city’s power grid with a series of heartbroken flexes. The man of mind and muscle is back yet still broken.


The growing connectivity between the various Doom Patrol members finally clicks as Flex rediscovers himself. Jane finally accepts Cliff’s apology, silently opening up when Cliff places a reassuring metal hand on her shoulder. Larry, coughing up blood, offers the Negative Spirit their freedom despite the separation killing him. The Negative Spirit momentarily leaves Doom Manor but quickly returns to Larry’s body. The two fleshy roommates are finally in harmony.

Rita returns to rally the squad. With their internal conflicts settled for the moment, it’s time to take on Mr. Nobody and get the Chief back. The Doom Patrol is ready.

And then Mr. Nobody, clad in his Doom Patrol shirt, blanket, coffee mug and hat, hits the pause button. He’s so happy that we’ve finally gotten to the moment everyone has been waiting for. The battle between good and evil is upon us all. He dares the team to come and get the Chief as he sets his Doom Patrol poster on fire.

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