James Wan Will Produce The Magic Order Series For Netflix

Nearly two years ago, Netflix purchased the remaining Millarworld titles from comic scribe Mark Millar with eye towards adapting them as TV series and films. Now, another Millarworld comic is getting a Netflix series. Via Deadline, Netflix is officially going forward with The Magic Order series, and Aquaman director James Wan is joining the show as an executive producer.

Wan will be also be directing the pilot episode of The Magic Order, while Lindsey Beer will be the primary writer and showrunner. The comic made its debut in 2018 and depicted an alternate history in which five families of magicians have protected the Earth for several generations. When they aren’t fighting evil, the magicians and sorcerers live ordinary lives alongside the rest of humanity. Now, an unseen enemy is killing the magical defenders one at a time. And the various factions need to unite against their foe before “the darkness gets them first.”

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Millar created The Magic Order alongside artist Olivier Coipel, and the comic quickly made a splash in 2018. The first issue of the series sold 140,000 copies. But as noted by Bleeding Cool, those numbers may have been inflated by a large order from ReedPop.

Netflix has previously given the greenlight for shows based upon Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy and American Jesus. Additionally, Netflix is developing films based upon Millar’s Empress, Huck, and Sharkey The Bounty Hunter.

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