Gotham Season 5 Episode 12

On last week’s penultimate episode of Gotham, just about everything was wrapped up. Nyssa, Bane and their cronies were defeated by the GCPD. However, Riddler and Penguin swore to become the best criminal masterminds in Gotham after they failed to get credit for helping to reunify the city. After Gordon got promoted to commissioner, Bruce decided to leave Gotham and Selina in the dust – much to her dismay and shock.

In the final episode of Gotham, we flash forward ten years in time to catch up with our characters. Bruce is set to finally return to Gotham for the opening of the new Wayne Tower after his ten-year odyssey. However, a new series of crimes leads the commissioner to believe that Penguin and Riddler are up to their old tricks. As Gordon digs deeper into the mystery, he uncovers a far more sinister plot targeting the city when a familiar face finally comes into the fold.

In the Beginning…


As Bruce navigates a foreign city, the camera rises to reveal the monastery in the mountainous distance. Ten years later, Gordon and Bullock visit Mayor James. Gordon reveals he is looking to retire form his position as commissioner. This is curtailed when the mayor asks Gordon to stay on for the grand re-opening of the new Wayne Tower. Bruce is slated to make an appearance and Penguin is due to be released from prison. Gordon agrees that it is too coincidental. Later, Gordon visits Barbara to pick up their daughter. We learn that Barbara has transitioned into a real estate mogul. She is also nearing completion of a high rise that rivals Wayne Tower.

At Arkham Asylum, Riddler has seemingly gone crazy after nearly ten years in the madhouse. At the same time, Jeremiah has apparently been docile since his last encounter with Bruce despite his grotesque appearance. After Riddler stabs Jeremiah in the leg, he is somehow abducted from the asylum in a riot. Back at home, Gordon and Lee discuss his plans to leave the force. Gordon was hoping that Gotham would outgrow him, but it seems that may not be the case. That night, an older and more experienced Selina – in full cat suit – attempts a heist. However, Batman watches her from the shadows.

Smoke and Mirrors


Back at GCPD, Bullock gets a lead on a former Arkham guard who might know Riddler’s whereabouts. Arriving to investigate, a fellow officer attacks Bullock before turning a gun on himself. In the GCPD interrogation room, Bullock debriefs Gordon on the apparent suicide. Surprisingly, Bullock takes credit for the death, which Gordon doesn’t buy. In the bullpen, Gordon addresses the rest of the force about the situation. With Riddler now missing and Penguin freed from Blackgate, Gordon is especially suspicious.

In some decrepit warehouse, Riddler wakes to a gift from Jeremiah under the guise of Cobblepot, which is a big case of C4. Elsewhere, Penguin is released from prison to massive media attention. Meanwhile, Gordon investigates Riddler’s handy work with the C4 in a different warehouse. Eventually, Gordon has an encounter with Batman, but Bruce uses smoke and mirrors to escape the Gordon’s grasp. Afterwards, Lucius and Alfred discuss the possibility of revealing Batman’s identity to Gordon. Ultimately, they decide to let him figure it out himself.

Just Like Old Times


Later, Penguin ambushes Gordon him his car at gunpoint. They arrive at the dock, where the tables are turned from early in season one, with Gordon at the end and Penguin holding the gun. Penguin has been locked up for nearly 10 years, and he’s pissed at his “friend.” Gordon narrowly escapes by jumping in the water. At the Wayne tower event, Selina approaches Alfred about Bruce’s whereabouts. She’s still harboring resentment about the way that things were left with Bruce. She also knows is watching over her…activities. Selina sees Barbara, who leads her into the kitchen. Meanwhile, Riddler has tied up a security guard at the event. Barbara finds and distracts him, when Selina eventually knocks him out from behind.

Gordon arrives, only to eventually discover that the C4 is hidden under a big model. Gordon and attempt to disarm the bomb. After a close call cutting the wrong wire, the timer stops with one second left. As Bullock is being taken to Blackgate, Gordon saves the day. Simultaneously, Ecco breaks Jeremiah out of containment and he reveals that he’s been faking his vegetative state. Riddler and Penguin eventually meet up before they are attacked by someone from above. They are shocked by the sight of an unseen Caped Crusader .

Batman Begins


Barbara and her daughter arrive the old sirens club, where they discover both Ecco and Joker. Young Babs intervenes, and Joker shoots Ecco before taking the former as a hostage. Later, Gordon arrives and learns that he has to go to ACE Chemicals to save his daughter. He arrives to find Barbara tied over a vat of the chemicals. The Joker reveals that he’s been waiting for Bruce’s return to make his presence known. As Joker nearly fillets Gordon, Batman intervenes with a Batarang and young Barbara is saved before Jim can ID him. Later in a prison transfer vehicle, Riddler and Penguin are upset about the arrival of Batman. They are eventually able to escape, and promise to take on Batman in the future.

On a rooftop, Batman confronts Selina. She lets him know how much leaving the city hurt her. After remaining silent for most of the conversation, Batman replies that he’s here to stay. At the same time, he also asks her to return the diamond that she stole earlier. At the GCPD rooftop, Gordon and Bullock discuss the Batman sightings. They’ve even pulled out the Bat signal. Alfred arrives to inform them that Bruce wont be making it for the unveiling of the Bat Signal – or will he? The trio fire up the signal and Batman arrives in the shadows on a nearby rooftop. As they stand in shock, we finally see Gotham’s Dark Knight.

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