DC Universe Drops the First Swamp Thing Teaser Video

Earlier today, a report emerged that DC Universe has temporarily shut down Swamp Thing‘s first season, and cutting it from 13 episodes to 10. However, the series is still coming in just over a month. Now, DC Universe has dropped the first Swamp Thing teaser, and it briefly introduces a fairly comic accurate take on the title character.

In the video, the camera simply pans into the swamp as Swamp Thing (Derek Mears) emerges from below. While Mears is playing the title character, Andy Bean is playing his alter ego, Alec Holland. Through an accident or a dark twist of fate, Holland was transformed into the protector of the Green, which represents all plant life on Earth. It’s unclear how much of Swamp Thing’s comic book origin will be maintained for the series. But the character seen in this teaser is a big improvement on the previous Swamp Thing live-action costumes.

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Former Teen Wolf and Gotham star, Crystal Reed, is also starring in the series as Abby Arcane. In this re-imagining, Abby is a CDC doctor who worked closely with Holland before his transformation. Maria Sten co-stars as Liz Tremayne, with Henderson Wade as Matt Cable, and Jennifer Beals as Lucilia Cable. Jeryl Prescott is portraying Madame Xanadu, while Ian Ziering is playing Daniel Cassidy, a faded movie star who is destined to become Blue Devil.

Will Patton and Virginia Madsen also star in the series as Avery and Maria Sunderland. It was Madsen who briefly posted the news about Swamp Thing shutting down early. However, that post was quickly deleted. DC Universe has yet to publicly address whether  Swamp Thing‘s first season will be abruptly cut short. The series will premiere on Friday, May 31.

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