10 most wanted items from the marvel television live auction

10 Most-Wanted Items From the Marvel Television Live Auction

Get your roses ready, people. The time to pay your respects draws near. The sense of loss that began with the cancellation of Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil late last year isn’t going away any time soon. Frustrations resulting from the breakdown in Marvel and Netflix’s relationship gave way to hope that the platform’s slate would find a new home on Disney’s forthcoming streaming service, Disney+. Those hopes seemed to be dashed last month when Marvel and Prop Store announced that a collection of set-used props from the shows would be sold off in a Marvel television live auction in August 2019.

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It’s hard to continue a show without the items and costumes that brought its source material to life so effectively. But some fans continue to cling to the final threads of this now tattered tapestry. They hope Marvel is selling off these props to make way for new ones. It’s only a sound theory if a complete reboot is in fact in the works. Sadly, all signs point to the Marvel/Netflix lineage being dead and buried after Jessica Jones wraps up its third season later this year. Disney seems more than content to let these lie in favor of other series helmed by MCU staples.

So, if these shows now exist solely in our memories, the least we should do is celebrate the fire sale. Let’s parse out the iconic items we’d want to add to our personal collections. Prop Store has only released a small selection of preview items, but the entire lot will be much larger. With that in mind, we should run through the selections, both announced and unannounced, that would best serve as mementos. Let’s pour one out and run down the top ten most-wanted items in the Marvel/Netflix prop auction.