Arrow Season 7 Episode 13 Recap

The anniversary episode of Arrow didn’t leave a large mark on the team. Despite Chimera’s armor, he didn’t put up much of a fight against the reunited Team Arrow. Unfortunately, the team was quickly arrested for violating Star City’s anti-vigilante law. Dinah even outed herself as the Black Canary to save the mayor’s life. In return, the mayor offered to let Team Arrow go free if they were deputized by the police. In the future timeline, Blackstar revealed that her name is Mia, and her companion is Connor Hawke, John Diggle’s son. She also revealed that the vigilantes were the downfall of Star City.

Canary’s Cry

Arrow Season 7 Episode 13 Recap

Almost everyone on Team Arrow received threatening letters, save for Oliver and Felicity. Somehow, the so-called Star City Slayer got past multiple layers of ARGUS and police security to intimidate Oliver’s closest friends. Curtis realized that the killer’s m.o. was to immobilize his prey and murder them while they were helpless. Team Arrow went into action without Oliver, and they located the killer’s hideout. Dinah came across the killer’s disturbing surveillance of herself and her friends. Unfortunately, the killer used that distraction to slit her throat.

Oliver’s “friend” at Slabside, Stanley, was revealed to be the culprit. Curtis managed to save Dinah’s life by cauterizing her wounds, but her powers and ability to speak may have been lost.

Stanley is the Monster

Arrow Season 7 Episode 13 Recap

Oliver’s family drama with William came to a head, when his son summoned his grandparents to Star City. William’s grandparents informed Oliver that they were taking him back to Central City. Oliver refused to handover his son or give up without a fight. During dinner, Oliver, Felicity, and William were temporarily paralyzed by the deranged Stanley. Oliver listened as Stanley explained why he had targeted Oliver’s friends and enemies to form a new team with him.

At the same time, Stanley broadly hinted that he had killed his own brother and “corrected’ Dinah. William was able to slip his dad a bottle, which let Oliver knock out Stanley before he could hurt anyone else. In the aftermath, Oliver realized that he couldn’t give William a normal life. So he allowed his son to move to Star City, the home of metahuman apocalyptic events every spring.

The Low Key Exit

Arrow Season 7 Episode 13 Recap

Out of nowhere, Curtis announced his intention to take a new job in Washington D.C. and leave Star City behind. Diggle attempted to talk Curtis out of it, and he even offered to place him a new position in charge of ARGUS’ science division. Fortunately, Curtis managed to survive the encounter with Stanley, and save Dinah’s life on his way out. While Dinah was in the hospital, Curtis told Diggle he was still leaving, and he shared a silent goodbye with Rene.

Mia is Family

Arrow Season 7 Episode 13 Recap

In the future timeline, Mia and Connor got the drop on future Team Arrow. Mia attempted to get William to give her access to a program called Archer. Intriguingly, Mia assumed that William was one of Felicity’s lovers, and not her stepson. That implies Oliver and Felicity aren’t together in the future. William informed Mia of the truth, which caught her off guard. She told him that Felicity wasn’t dead, even though she had no proof. Team Arrow broke free, which resulted in a standoff with William holding a gun on Mia.

Mia told William that he wouldn’t shoot her, because she’s Mia Smoak, Felicity’s daughter and William’s sister. But is Oliver Mia’s father? Probably, but it’s not definite yet.

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