The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Umbrella Academy season 1 episode 9 recap

Harold Jenkins won. No matter how the inaugural season The Umbrella Academy wraps up, Harold’s plot of deceit and manipulation turned the Hargreeves family on itself in a way never before imagined. They might splinter, they might argue, but none have threatened their kin’s life in the fashion which Vanya did in that forest retreat. Reginald’s fear of Vanya was just and it was only more vindicated in the aftermath of her attack on Allison. Harold unleashed a force that only Reginald understood and the only tool for combatting her is obsolete. For the first time in her life, Vanya will not be contained by fear from any source.

Say You’re Special

Harold and Vanya are on the run after slashing Allison’s throat. Vanya remains in a catatonic state as Harold cares for her and offers validation. They’re a team now and they will battle the family that won’t understand her actions. The new partnership is far from Vanya’s mind. Her focus remains on Allison and the result of succumbing to her emotions. Harold tries to bring her back by forcing her to call herself special, though the words hold no weight to her.

Harold’s plan comes to light when Vanya finds her father’s journal in Harold’s bag. The realization that Harold’s love was simply a manipulation tool enrages her, but Harold begins verbally beating her down. Her father was afraid of you. Her family inherited that fear. Vanya breaks the cycle by asking about Harold’s true identity. His back against the wall, Harold tries an appeal soaked in vanity, admitting that he took Helen out of the picture so Vanya could be first chair. Vanya still sides with her family, causing Harold to call her weak. Wrong answer. Vanya uses her power to kill Harold in a whirlwind of glass and blade.

To The End

The Hargreeves brothers bring Allison back to the mansion where Pogo and Mom do their best to treat her. Klaus and Ben argue over the former’s drug abuse until Ben somehow is able to punch the drugs out of Klaus’ mouth. Maybe Reginald wasn’t lying about Klaus’ potential. It’ll have to wait though. Luther stays behind out of loyalty to Allison, and a lack of trust in Pogo, while Diego, Klaus and Number 5 continue the search for Harold. They soon find his body and umber 5 confirms that the glass eye belonged to Harold. It’s done. The apocalypse is averted with Harold’s death. Now they must find Vanya.

That search doesn’t last long as Vanya returns to the mansion after the combination of a voicemail from Allison and her bloodstained bow overwhelm her with guilt. Luther meets her in the foyer. Allison survived but her vocal chords are severely damaged. Vanya finds comfort in the embrace of her brother, but the hug turns into an attack. Luther and the rest of the family know Vanya’s secret. The house shakes as Luther squeezes Vanya until she passes out.

What’s Next

Number 5 struggles to find the next step to take after changing the timeline. He smashes the glass eye and dives into a frozen margarita while discussing the matter with Dolores when Hazel walks into the mansion. After a quick tussle with Diego, Hazel informs 5 of his decision to leave the Commission and save the world. He’s a good ally to have but the world’s already been saved. Hazel is ecstatic and turns over his and Cha-Cha’s guns so Diego can be exonerated of Patch’s murder. He takes a sip of margarita before leaving to live his best life with Agnes. Spurred by Hazel, Number 5 returns Dolores to the department store after more than a lifetime together. They part solemnly with 5 promising he will never forget her.

Hazel returns to find Agnes tied up at Cha-Cha’s mercy. Hazel saves her from an intricate hot tub-based death trap and fights his former partner. Agnes scoots dangerously close to the hot tub as they battle, ultimately being tipped over in the chaos. Fortunately, time freezes just before she falls in and the Handler, sporting a new scar, arrives. It’s time to fix their screw up.

We’re Special

Vanya wakes up inside her old isolation chamber with her siblings looking on incredulously. Klaus and Diego want to release her and help her but Luther refuses. No wonder Reginald made him Number 1. Klaus rightfully points out that Vanya must be terrified at the emergence of powers that she can’t fully control. Luther remains unswayed. Allison can’t convince him to release her. She even accepts blame for what Vanya did to her, but Luther doesn’t relent. The family leaves Vanya locked up in the sub basement and Allison pushes Luther away emotionally.

Vanya’s mental state continues to deteriorate within  her soundproof chamber. An image of her younger self, the one that killed nanny after nanny for no apparent reason, speaks to her as her mind cracks. Her family is threatened by us. We must embrace who we are or remain trapped in here forever. Vanya’s heart begins to race, giving her a sound on which to focus. Her heartbeat calms as her power is summoned. She blows out not just the door but the entire metal wall of her prison as her eyes turn white. The White Violin is here.

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