Umbrella Academy season 1 episode 6 recap

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Number 5’s legend within the Commission finally paid off in the form of an invite to Commission HQ. In true 5 form, he didn’t let a desk job keep him from his Umbrella Academy loyalties. His near impossible plan unfolded as a family meeting about the apocalypse sent the Hargreeves on introspective journeys. It’s almost as if they each found contentment in the face of oblivion, but the fluidity caused by meddling with time could make those discoveries all but null in the end. Some people are just allergic to resolution.

Coming Clean

Luther gathers Diego, Allison and Klaus for a family meeting where all the apocalyptic cards are put on the table. Luther tells them about their untimely fate, provoking their desire to right their own respective houses ahead of the cataclysm as opposed to fight. Vanya and Leonard arrive in the middle of the meeting and ridicules them before storming out. Leonard joins her after stealing a figurine of Reginald. Her anger ignites her powers, causing cars to shake and light posts to bend. Leonard points this out but Vanya doubts that she is the cause of the damage. He continues to press that she is powerful and special, but Vanya continues to deny the obvious. The truth is revealed when she finds her father’s journal in Leonard’s bedroom. Reginald kept Vanya’s powers suppressed purposefully for decades.

Luther digs through Reginald’s office for the research he sent back from the moon only to find every package unopened. The discovery causes Luther to question his self-worth and leadership skills. Allison comes to say goodbye to Luther before flying back to Los Angeles only to find him crushed. She takes him to their greenhouse hideaway where they would haves secret feasts as kids. The memories have little effect on Luther until he notices Allison wearing the locket he gave her as a child. They leave the mansion pondering the many “what ifs” of their lives while cursing their father. Allison points out that he did do one thing right: he brought she and Luther together. They finally share a dance and a kiss, making good on their long held feelings for one another. Allison invites Luther to go back to Los Angeles with her and meet her daughter before the world ends.

Work/Life Balance

Hazel and Cha-Cha’s mission changes when HQ pulls the contract on Number 5’s life. The duo begin to splinter in outlook at the news. Cha-Cha is ready to move on to the next job but Hazel is ready to hang up his pistol. HQ might’ve known Hazel’s thoughts as Cha-Cha receives orders to kill Hazel. The two drive into the woods under the guise that the briefcase is there. Hazel tries to convince Cha-Cha to take hold of their destinies and help stop the apocalypse, but Cha-Cha remains unwavered. She pulls a gun on him but is unable to kill him.

They return to the hotel but Hazel leaves on a dinner run shortly afterward. Cha-Cha follows him to the donut shop and watches him embrace Agnes. She burns the message from HQ and opens fire, believing Hazel is in the shower. She pulls back the curtain to reveal an empty bathtub and a message ordering Cha-Cha’s termination taped to the wall.

Desk Jockey

Number 5 gets a quick tour of Commission HQ before assuming the position of a case manager, helping to monitor major events and ensure the timeline isn’t altered. His first assignment is to ensure the Hindenburg disaster happens. He is introduced to Dot, the case manager in charge of the apocalypse. He steals a file off her desk and retreats to the bathroom only to be interrupted by The Handler. She invites him to have lunch with her where she shows off her collection of weapons from across time. Number 5 takes the opportunity to make suggestions to cut some of the bureaucratic red tape by allowing case managers to send messages to agents directly. The meal ends abruptly when Dot comes in with urgent information for Handler.

Number 5 puts his plan into action by taking out the messenger, Gloria and intercepting a message meant for Hazel and Cha-Cha ordering them to protect a man named Harold Jenkins. He instead sends message to them to eliminate each other. Handler becomes wise to 5’s plan and a gunfight erupts. He destroys the building with a grenade and steals a briefcase, escaping into time.

Sliding Doors

Klaus employs Diego to tie him up to force him to get sober. His powers work best when sober and needs to detox in order to conjure Dave.  Diego can relate as everyone he loved is now dead. Unfortunately, Diego has to repeat the entire process because Klaus has to urinate. Klaus begins to have second thoughts the second time around and tries to convince Diego to not bound him by offering to conjure Patch. This upsets Diego who leaves after tying up his brother. Left alone, Klaus relives Dave’s death. Diego is stunned to see Mom alive once again and takes her for a walk in the park. She tells him that she and Pogo have been lying to the children about something as Klaus is finally able to conjure Dave.

The day’s events, as heartwarming and alarming as they were, are undone when Number 5 arrives during the family meeting. Having pressed the rewind button, Number 5 sends everyone down a new path when he reveals who they have to find and stop: Harold Jenkins.

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