Supergirl season 4 episode 12 recap

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 12 Recap

The mindwipe that scrubbed any memory of Supergirl’s identity from Alex’s mind gets more problematic with each passing week. Luckily, the show returned with a Valentine’s Day-centric episode that celebrated partnerships of all kinds. That and the art of stealing hearts. Enter Menagerie, a walking alien/human symbiotic jewel thief ready to take National City’s elite by storm. As if that wasn’t enough, the Children of Liberty rose up once again as humans continued to protest for Ben Lockwood’s release. Kara had her hands full despite having her many allies on hand. It’s good to have so many valentines when under siege.

V-Day Decay

Alex and Kara’s tour of J’onn’s new P.I. office is cut short when Alex is called to the scene of a meteor crash. This is no ordinary space rack though. Brainy reveals the meteor to be a disguised ship carrying a snake-like alien symbiote that eats human hearts. The DEO gets reports of two more victims and moves out. Alex arrives to find Kara and J’onn on the scene investigating the disappearance of Director of Alien Affairs Stuart. It turns out that he and his mistress are the alien’s latest victims. A DNA sample taken from a busted safe shows human DNA is present, pointing to an alien/human hybrid creature as the culprit.

The investigation is set to the side momentarily so the crew can enjoy Nia’s Valentine’s Day party. Alex begins her renewed effort to take time for herself by reconnecting with an old flame while Kara comforts Nia. She advises the Dreamer to embrace her powers and her destiny. Brainy matches the human DNA to a jewel thief named Pamela Ferrer while hiding in Nia’s closet. The group heads to her apartment and meets her new fused form: Menagerie. She flees after a short struggle.

Elsewhere, James and Lena prepare for an intimate V-Day celebration in Paris when Lena dishes that Haley offered her a government contract for her super serum experiments. James is against letting such high level tech land in the government’s hands, fearing they will militarize it. Lena takes offense to James’ push back and it proves to be the breaking point for the couple. They break up on the way to the airport and James leaves a crying Lena in the back of her car.

Man Of Action

Ben Lockwood remains in prison for his actions as Agent Liberty, but his son, George, is itching to take up his father’s mantle. After a pep talk during prison visitation, George procures his father’s mask and takes to the dark web to reinvigorate the Children of Liberty. He rallies them to publicly kill the alien heart eater in order to gain further support for the anti-alien movement. Ben’s pride in his boy grows as he watches his movement return to the streets. A small COL contingent confronts Menagerie at Pamela’s apartment only to be easily killed. One surviving COL member overhears Menagerie’s plan to ransack the Heart Association Masquerade Ball. The tip makes it back to George. He spreads the word and arms himself with one of his father’s blades before heading to the party.

Heart Attack

Menagerie wastes no time taking hearts and valuables alike at the ball. Her spree is interrupted by a large Children of Liberty contingent. The DEO isn’t far behind, but the COL refuse to stand down. Menagerie begins taking them out until Supergirl arrives, tossing her out of the building. Menagerie gets the upper hand until Nia, in costume, intervenes. She and Kara fight off the hybrid creature until Kara is able to stun her. Unfortunately, Menagerie ends up surrounded by Children of Liberty, allowing George to kill the alien infecting Pamela and take credit for making the streets safer for humanity.

Haley gives Pamela over to the FBI and, at the instruction of President Baker, decides to not disrupt the pro-Agent Liberty narrative. Supergirl and Nia look on from above as George preaches his father’s message to the press. Kara is ecstatic to have Nia by her side. but encourages her to begin training to use her powers. Nia takes her words to heart and contacts Brainy to begin her training.

Old Tactics, New Habits

The fallout from the holiday’s events proves costly for many and refreshing to others. President Baker uses a technicality within the Patriot Act to free Ben from prison. Lena accepts Haley’s offer to develop her super serum for government use. Alex apologizes for being over protective of Kara and pledges to finally take the proper amount of time for her own personal goals. A locked up Pamela receives a letter from Manchester Black. She opens it as the symbiote runs under her skin. George chopped off a head, but didn’t get the job done.

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